Application Delivery Controller Is More Effective In Safeguarding Enterprise Application Security

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F5 Networks 2011 ADC Security Study measures the effects of increasingly complex network and application attacks on enterprise organizations, and details the security practices that enterprises are adopting to guard against these threats.

The study suggests that threats are getting harder to defense and older methods are failing. Application Delivery Controller (ADC) is considered to be the preferred method to defense against such attacks.

Common attacks are:
  • DNS Attack
  • DDoS - network layer and application layer
  • Encrypted data attack
The effects of DNS and encrypted data attacks are wide-sweeping across industries, with the typical cost per organization for a 12-month period being $682,000, according to the survey. More than 50 percent of enterprises claimed loss of productivity, 43 percent of respondents reported loss of data, and 31 percent reported loss of revenue. Other costs that enterprises incur from attacks include loss of customer trust, regulatory fines, and theft of money or goods. Recommendations from the study.
  • Unify the security framework
  • Understand attack context
  • Respond and adapt
  • Scale to combat attacks
  • Build a robust community