The Biggest Internet Giants Concern Over Possible Net Neutrality Threat

SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act), which is supported by music and film industries, threatens the net neutrality of the Internet industry in USA with possibility of content censorship.

I would never believe this would have surfaced out of a country which premises its foundation on freedom and human rights.

This is a testing time for USA, with Google and Facebook and others all lobbying to prevent what is considered as draconian enforcement, and the world is watching heavily. If Internet freedom is not uphold successfully in USA, I doubt the future of net neutrality.

Much is said than done, the rise of SOPA is not merely related to content. It is also related to business power.

The bill also contains clauses that would force search engines to stop listing infringing sites in their indexes. This means that Google and other search engines will have to revamp their philosophy and lose power of autonomous system over to policy-oriented system.

It demonstrates that content providers are serious to wrestle more control over their businesses from channels such as search engines and social media sites which have proven to be in a commanding position and the latter is making much more business revenues.

The fact is that channels require contents, pretty much like an engine requires fuel to burn and vice versa.

The world is watching.

Refer to 'Google, Facebook warn against new US piracy legislation' for more details.