F5 Supports Mobile Traffic Growth with New DNS Services

F5 Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: FFIV), the global leader in Application Delivery Networking, today announced intelligent DOMAIN NAME SYSTEM (DNS) services for Communications Service Providers (CSPs) to scale their DNS infrastructures more efficiently with significantly reduce costs - so as to enable more quickly deploy new revenue-generating services.

With its DNS services, F5 meets its vision for Service Delivery Networking (SDN) by providing a unified platform for CSPs to deliver voice, data, and video services on a single IP-based network, “Currently, CSPs are realizing that their existing DNS infrastructures can’t sustain the huge mobile traffic demand, let alone handle the increases from voice over IP and other new service offerings,” said Kevin Chin, Country Manager for F5 Networks (pic).

Chin added “The traditional approach of adding more DNS servers no longer solves the problem—it’s prohibitively expensive, can’t scale linearly, and can’t deliver the capacity needed to handle millions of DNS requests per second.”

Today, the average high-performance DNS server only handles about 120,000 requests per second. F5’s new DNS services responds to more than 15x the volume of requests handled by traditional DNS servers.

F5 Solution Highlights

Leveraging F5’s carrier-grade DNS services, CSPs can build flexible, reliable, and secure IP networks that meet future traffic demands, reduce complexity and costs, to deliver quality of experience for subscribers. Benefits include:
  • High-performance DNS services – F5’s chassis-based systems deliver high performance, responding to more than 15x the volume of requests handled by traditional DNS servers.
  • Unparalleled scalability – By handling millions of DNS requests per second, F5’s DNS solution significantly offloads existing DNS servers. This enables CSPs to more efficient use network resources and eliminates the need to continually add more DNS servers to meet increasing traffic demands.
  • Policy-based global traffic management – User requests and application services can be distributed across data centers based on business policies, network conditions, and application performance for a more intelligent and responsive DNS infrastructure.
  • High availability of applications and services – F5’s DNS solution provides global server load balancing to help ensure high availability of mission critical applications and services. This reduces customer churn and protects average revenue per user (ARPU).
  • Superior security – Because F5’s DNS services can handle an extremely high volume of requests per second, the DNS infrastructure is able to withstand DDoS attacks. It can block known malware sites to ensure DNS responses are delivered from trusted sites.
  • Reduced complexity and cost – Providing intelligence, high performance, and unmatched scalability, F5’s DNS solution helps CSPs simplify their DNS infrastructures and more effectively manage their capital expenditures.