Getting the Most Bang for Your Gadget Bucks with an HP Coupon and More

It’s hard to be in love with gadgets and technology. You want the newest, biggest, fastest, best, most interesting stuff that comes out, but you don’t always have the money to make it happen. Sometimes you wait for HP to put that computer on sale so you can use that HP coupon you’ve been saving, but the timing didn’t work out. Other times you need to have the latest and greatest, regardless of cost. Fortunately, there’s a time for everything, including when to buy the tech you need. All the big purchases have different strategies for getting the best price.

Game Consoles

If you’re a console gamer, you know how hard it is to wait for something new. If you’ve been waiting for a while to get an Xbox, it’s time to wait just a bit more. The current generation system is about to be phased out, which means great deals for people with patience. The same holds true for games. If you can wait just once, you can make it so you’re always one version behind everyone else. You might lose some cred when talking to your gamer pals, but you’ll also have money in your pocket.


The beginning of the year, starting in February and going through March, is the time to shop for a new TV. The demand for televisions goes up around the holiday time because people are getting them for gifts or in sales where the prices are supposedly the best. In reality, Black Friday and other deals are usually for the low-end options that are cheap to begin with. In February, some of the high-end TVs start being discounted to make room for newer models. Add in less demand, and stores are usually willing to cut you a good deal just to get more space for the big-ticket items.


If there’s one category that’s hard to pin down, it’s the smartphone market. Every phone that comes out is more powerful by leaps and bounds, and it seems like the advancement is never going to slow. You can make that work in your favor if you strategize a little. Your first option is to get a heavily discounted phone by signing up for a contract with your carrier. Most carriers are willing to give you a good deal if you’re willing to guarantee your business with them for the next two years. This is the route to take if you want to get the newest phone out there, but remember that you won’t be eligible for another discount until your contract is up. The speed at which advancements are being made also means that new phones (and versions of old ones) are coming out all the time. The best time to get a good deal on an older phone is the day the new version comes out. You might sacrifice a few features, but it’s well worth it to your wallet.

You’ve probably noticed a trend. Waiting pays. Keep that in mind the next time you’re planning a big tech purchase.