MY S.O.S, keeps YOU in charge, ALWAYS, even in times of trouble

The general yet basic emergency help lines, 999, 944, 991, 112, which almost everyone knows of, which most probably in times of emergency, when quick response is needed, fails to fulfill its cause.

With the MY S.O.S app, smartphone users can now access rather a variety and detailed list of emergency contact numbers, such as funeral services, the various government departments, hotels, taxi services, hospitals, cinemas, banks, highway breakdowns, the general line of nearby police stations, general complaint telephone numbers that covers electricity and water cut, potholes on roads, water pipe leakages, and so forth. List of very important yet hard to find contact numbers that is infact, comes off as very handy to fellow Malaysians.

This mobile app, basically, brings together all the possible emergency contact numbers that would at one way or another, come in handy to Malaysians. Smartphone users could download this simple yet extremely functional and handy App, for FREE. And it’s available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry smartphones.

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By Just Mobile.