PayPal and CyberSecurity Malaysia’s Top Tips for Shopping Safely Online this Festive Season

In view of the numerous cyber-attacks affecting Malaysians, PayPal and CyberSecurity Malaysia are urging Malaysians to be smarter and safer about sharing their personal information online.

PayPal today released the first ‘PayPal Online and Mobile Safety Insights’ study in Malaysia, and interesting tips for a safer online experience.

And PayPal in collaboration with CyberSecurity Malaysia, through its outreach programme CyberSAFE (abbreviation of Cyber Security Awareness for Everyone), today announced that December 2011 will be promoted as the “Safe Online Shopping Month”.
  • Audit, Audit, Audit - Think twice before doing anything.
  • Employ password etiquette - Make use of stronger password.
  • Beware of phishing emails - Do not simply trust everything from email.
  • Protect your digital footprint and use a digital wallet when transacting online - make use of Paypal to buy online.
  • Browse safely, look for trusted sites - always look for the padlock icon on
    sites before entering your account information and password. Also look for
    websites that start with “https” as they provide an additional layer of
    encryption often used for online payment transactions and for sensitive
    transactions in corporate information systems.
  • Check your e-statements: - Always monitor your eletronic accounts which include eBanking, credit cards and etc.
  • Lock and password protect your phone
  • Beware of smishing - smishing means sms phishing.
  • “APP-ly” common sense – When choosing apps to download, use common
    sense. Purchase or download apps from well-known, reliable companies or
    do your research – such as checking reviews- before downloading an app
    from an unknown source. Use the most up-to-date version of an app.
    Unknown or repackaged apps can be armed with malware able to steal
    details from a user’s phone.
  • Install updates ASAP - software updates such as Windows update, should be installed whenever available. Software updates not only fix bugs but also strive to make software hardened.
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