2011 A Year Flashback

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Top News/Happenings 2011

1.) Jan 2011
2.) Feb 2011

Nokia To Adopt Windows Phone Platform; Finally

3.) Mar 2011
4.) Apr 2011

1Malaysia Email  

5. ) May 2011
6.) June 2011
7.) July 2011
8.) Aug 2011
9.) Sept 2011
10.) Oct 2011
11.) Nov 2011
12.) Dec 2011

Top Enterprise IT Trends
  • Cloud computing.
  • Security (especially on cloud computing)
  • Ethernet fabric
  • Appliances - i.e SAP Hana, Oracle appliances
  • Storage - i.e SAN, NAS
  • Green IT
  • IPv6
  • Consumerization of IT - this includes social media
Consumer Trends

The two biggest trends are proliferation of mobile devices (tablet PC and smartphone) and group buying (e-commerce).

Apple iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab being the two most popular tablet PC in Malaysia. In terms of smartphone, it is the war between iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S.

Everybody is playing angry bird, including my young cousins, it is the killer app for 2011.

For group buying, there are more and more companies getting into the business. The ones that I know about are Groupon, Google's Offers, DealMates, MilkADeal, Yahoo MyDeal, Idealised and etc.

Cloud Computing

The year 2011 is the year of cloud computing, there is no single doubt about this.

If you are not into cloud computing, you are literally out of the game.

Here is summary of cloud computing product offerings.

In my personal opinion, I feel that enterprises will not adopt it immediately. The catalysts are developers and SMBs.

Developers want to make money and cloud computing actually provides a way for developers to build large and powerful solution in the garage!

For SMBs, especially those in Malaysia, cloud computing is a blessing because of three reasons:

1.) More developers are developing solutions deployed on cloud.

2.) Big vendors provide solutions on cloud at a lower cost.

3.) Adoption of cloud computing solution has lower entry barrier cost.

In term of entrepreneurship, cloud computing presents an great opportunity for start-ups to break the monopoly of big time players like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, HP and etc in the enterprise market.

Believe it, this is your chance. And it is moving without de factor steward at the moment. Whoever capable of seizing the moment fast will be able to at least make a cut.

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  • Apple's iconic CEO Steve Jobs passed away.
  • Android becomes the most popular mobile platform in the industry, overtaking Apple iOS.
  • Thailand floods affected storage supplies worldwide.
  • Cloud computing started off with a bang, all major vendors have invested monies and energy into, resulted in all sort of cloud-oriented products. Year 2011 belongs to cloud computing. It is expected to take off in a bigger way in 2012 because 2011 was about marketing, 2012 should be on adoption. Microsoft predicts that intelligent systems is what comes next after cloud computing.
  • Google and Paypal created local presence in Malaysia.
  • Google has been most aggressive and is going into everything from acquiring Motorola to competing with Apple, Facebook, Paypal and Groupon.
  • Consumers are all into tablet PC and smartphones. The typical smartphone user (in Malaysia): 25-34 years old, high educated and working
  • Adobe finally relieved attention on Flash and starts to focus on HTML5. This presents a massive opportunity for HTML 5 conversion from Adobe Flash. For those in the graphic industry.
Thanks for reading. Happy New Year !!

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