EFO iPazzport Skype Voice Mini Wireless Keyboard, Mouse and Multi-Touchpad with Microphone and Speaker for SKYPE, Google talk, MSN Chat

EFO iPazzport Voice Mini Wireless Keyboard, Mouse and Multi-touchpad with Skype Phone having the full remote control of computer as well as voice communication over 10 meters distance away. It is the new hot product that meeting the latest technology V Voice Assessment to Text in 10 meters away. The voice assessment is one of the new features that iPhone 4GS just announced.

EFO new design with the top case in Classic Chromed Bronze which is some kind of fashion, and creativeness beyond the old colors that either Black or White. It keeps with the traditional tiny and handy but full features.

The layout of the keyboard is similar to BlackBerry that can simply use two thumbs to type. Besides the fully QWERTY feature, it added with more function keys and hot keys in supporting of our unique features such as multi-languages keyboard, volume control, page flipping and voice recording etc. Other than keys, it also with additional features like rechargeable Lithium-ion battery and backlight etc.

EFO turns out a wider touchpad, because it provides more additional features than any other similar mini wireless Keyboard: EFO keyboard gives scrolling and multi-touch (two fingers for enlarging photo or flipping pictures).

EFO released the new model with Voice is because of the new wave of the Google TV or Android IPTV or Smart TV¡¦s that growing very fast and users happy with talking in Skype Phone privately or playing Android Games away from the TV screen or large monitor. A wireless keyboard that with headset is the necessary. EFO iPazzport Mini Wireless Keyboard with Mic/speaker for Skype Phone is customized to meet this need. Other than Skype Phone feature, Youtube is also very hot application. Most Youngster always download music or songs for Karaoke. EFO iPazzport mini wireless keyboard, mic and speaker also also suit for this need.

The EFO iPazzport Voice Mini Wireless Keyboard, Mouse, Multi-Touchpad and with Mic and speaker that having another unique feature as it can work as a "Wireless MUSIC Transmitter". Just simply plug the EFO¡¦s Audio outlet to a Hi-FI amplifier then the music at your Mac or any computer can transmit over 10 meters wirelessly.


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