Microsoft Announces Metro Style App and Window Store

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Microsoft recently announced the Windows Store for metro style app.

What is metro style app ?

It is referring to writing apps using a combination of familiar technologies such as HTML5, JavaScript? , and Cascading Style Sheets, Level 3 (CSS3), or XAML, with C++, C#, or Microsoft Visual Basic code-behind.

Windows store is built as part of Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10, for distribution of apps in many ways similar to Apple's AppStore.

The store app catalog will be indexed by search engines especially by BING.

Developers can also promote apps from their websites, not just with “available in the Windows Store” logos, but with built-in promotion through Internet Explorer 10. With just a line of markup, your website promotes your app via the app button within the browser, visible to anyone running Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 8.

The Windows Store will be available in 231 markets worldwide.

The store also empowers developers to reach enterprise market, transcending conventional layers of business barrier. This is a good thing for the economy.

On the other hand, it also allows enterprises to have more controls in terms of application management whereby enterprises can choose to limit access to the Windows Store catalog by their employees, or allow access but restrict certain apps.

The store provides full platform support for free apps, trials (both time-based and feature-based trials) and paid apps, including in-app purchase. And we have sales analytics that will help you target customers more effectively.

To get started, individual registration fee will be $49 USD ($99 USD for companies).

Microsoft will share up to 80% of the revenue generated from app sales. Microsoft will take 20%.

Windows Store presents a plaftorm for developers to have flexibility in terms of business model. Gone are those days where software are sold in CDs with serial number stickers. Subscription based supports time-based and feature-differentiated deployment and in-app purchases for trial version.

Using in-app purchase (especially for games), players can upgrade to new levels right in context, as they play the game. No app reloads or restarts required, and all the settings are retained.

Transaction platform is available to cater for time-based subscription.

And when it comes to time-based subscription, trust with highest integrity is most expected and this is what customers can rely on Microsoft.

Developers can also fund their businesses by embedding ads into the apps even using Google Ads because it supports web technologies, or any other ad platform they prefer.

In short, Window Store is a great way for Microsoft to kick off the concept of Metro style application development. Metro style app development is a new direction for software development which will embrace mobile app development in a comprehensive manner.