Email encryption From eCrypt Technologies

Two products available.

1.) eCrypt Me - using web based browser

Sending and receiving emails using existing email accounts (Gmail, Yahoo mail, hotmail and etc) by leveraging on eCrypt me system which is like an email wrapper. How it works is just like another web based email system which allows one to make use of existing email address. Recipient will receive links (encrypted) which will redirect to the real message (decrypted).

How it works

You log in securely to your eCrypt Me account.If youʼre sending a document to File Vault, you upload the document.

On eCrypt Me, you send an email using your own email address, Gmail, Yahoo, or other address. eCrypt Me encrypts the email and sends a link to your recipient.

Your recipient clicks on a link and opens the email. If youʼre sharing a document, thereʼs a link to File Vault.

You receive the your reply in your eCrypt Me inbox.

eCrypt Me encrypts the reply or the document revisions and sends you a link.

She sends a secure reply, downloads the document, or contributes to the document on File Vault.

2.) eCrypt one to one - only available for Blackberry.

This product is more sophisticated and complex. It only supports one-to-one communication and requires both parties to use the same software.

iPhone users may use the eCrypt me solution.

Remember the phone hacking scandal of NOTW ? Business sensitive information may require extra protection from cyber threats.

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