F5 Malaysia Launches BIG-IP Version 11

F5 Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: FFIV), the global leader in Application Delivery Networking, today announced the release of its powerful BIG-IPR Version 11 software. This release builds on F5's vision for dynamic data centers to better support the increasingly demanding needs of local businesses in the financial services industry (FSI), telecommunications and public sectors.

Country Manager of F5 Networks (Malaysia), Kevin Chin says, "Currently in Malaysia, the top three banks in three leading telecom companies today are already F5's satisfied customer - using F5 technology to intelligently manage their extensive network data traffic for maximum bandwidth resource optimisation to achieve lower operation costs whilst providing better commercial decision-making."

Chin also shares that F5 Networks dominates the Application Delivery Networking space with over 60% market share space in the Malaysian market in 2010.

The F5 BIG-IP Version 11 is a free upgrade for existing F5 customers; promising companies to 100X in speed improvements in the provisioning of services on an application-by-application basis, has the ability to reconfigure dynamically, aligns IT functions and services more closely with business needs, and enables better visibility and reporting of IT resource utilization.

Chin also says that as Cloud is quickly becoming the model to consume IT resources, F5's solutions enable service providers such as banks, telecommunication companies and government agencies to provide their services (through the deployment of applications) via effective virtualisation.

As the service provider's network becomes an integral part of the application delivery infrastructure that ultimately defines user productivity, F5's BIG-IP technology is the solution that allows the service provider to do this effectively."

BIG-IP v11: Aligning Services with Specific Applications the F5 BIG-IP v11 provides a comprehensive view of users, applications, and the network, enabling IT teams to deploy and provision application services on a per-application basis as rapidly as they can provision virtual machines. Aligning the right services-such as authentication, data protection, traffic management, and acceleration-to each application provides a consistent user experience, especially as new applications are deployed or as existing applications are deployed across virtual and cloud environments.

"The BIG-IP v11 is set to give organizations especially Telco's and FSIs in Malaysia the power to configure, monitor, grow, and secure their business applications independently to gain greater efficiency, increase agility, and reduce CapEx and OpEx," concludes Chin.