The Next Generation IPS by Sourcefire

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Sourcefire is the main steward of the Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention System (NGIPS) as an intelligent IPS solution powered by awareness, context, automation and a flexible architecture since 2003.

With reference to the independent NSS Labs testing results released earlier of this year, Sourcefire’s 3D8260 with FirePOWER technology is proven with i) best attack detection and, ii) highest performance of any device ever tested

Sourcefire defines four key components as requirement for NGIPS.

1.) Application Awareness and Full Stack Visibility

Full stack is referring to the OSI layer.

2.) Context Awareness

Covering a broad range of threats detection. i.e Applications, users, devices, operating systems, vulnerabilities, services, processes, network behavior, files

3.) Content Awareness

Content intelligence.

4.) Agile Engine

Automation and flexible architecture