Prominent Predictions for 2012

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Company Summary
Brocade Brocade believes that cloud computing will take great strides in 2012, coupled with consumerization of IT trend, enterprises have no choice must to cope with bigger demands for networking connectivity.

Those with private cloud may also want to venture out as PaaS providers.

IT commoditisation will become more relevant to the industry and big data is heading for a flood.
Intel 1.) Ultrabook - Ultrabook is similar to Apple's Macbook Air. The challenge is creation of laptops which are way much thinner and equally powerful as it predecessor.

2.) Big Data - cheaper storage more capacity, more data, more analytics, semantic and patterns

3.) Secured Software - security, security, security

4.) Manufacturing Technology Goes 3-D

5.) DIY Data Creation - Analytics, social media.
Cisco Top three trends for 2012 Cloud computing, mobile devices, remote access.

Budget has always been a problem, however for 2012, it will be trade-off between the desire to implement technology that innovates and the need to meet corporate security and compliance needs.
Symantec Rising risks of Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), increase in data loss through smart mobile devices, cloud computing driving changes in organisations, and the critical need to strengthen disaster recovery planning as natural disasters increase.
Motorola Mobility Mobility lifestyle will change retail industry in a bigger way. With the ability to be always connected to the Internet, retails industry must adopt changes to meet challenges of more dynamics in terms of customer acquisition and retention.
Fortinet FortiGuard Labs is predicting a rise of mobile malware (with new worms and polymorphism),increased crackdowns on network run money laundering operations, renewed and successful collaboration between government and the private sectors, discoveries of exploitable SCADA vulnerabilities, an increase in sponsored attacks, and Anonymous hacktivists using their powers for good over evil.
Hitachi The economic fundamentals of Malaysia remain strong, with the RM50 billion ICT industry expected to grow by 10% in 2011. Nevertheless, IT budgets are not likely to grow beyond current levels while the demands on IT will. Hence, there will be a renewed focus by the business on the efficiency gains from their IT investments. Virtualization will play a big role to help with such requirements.
Big Data and Cloud Computing 1.) There are currently too many PaaSes out there in the marketplace.

2.) Specialized databases will move in to deal with large data scenario where traditional relational databases are too slow.

3.) More enterprise (for-own-use) data centers to emerge to perform trial and error on cloud computing technology.

4.) Cloud standards has to emerge.

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