Sourcefire Unveils FireAMP: Most Significant Anti-Malware Protection To Date

Sourcefire, Inc. (NASDAQ: FIRE), a leader in intelligent cybersecurity solutions, today introduces its new FireAMP™ product, an intelligent, enterprise-class advanced malware protection solution that uses Big Data analytics to discover, analyse and block advanced malware.

According to Ivan Wen, Country Manager of Sourcefire Malaysia, FireAMP fulfils the company's 'Agile Security' vision for context-aware, adaptive, and automated security solutions.

"FireAMP is not just another anti-malware product. It is a highly intelligent cybersecurity solution that has unprecedented visibility and control to block threats missed by other security layers. FireAMP represents of what your enterprise really needs to address advanced malware.

Utilizing Big Data Analytics to Deal with High Malware Infection in Organisations' Computers

Over the past year, Sourcefire talked to over 100 enterprises and heard one common theme: they have the latest endpoint security products with the latest DAT files, but are still heavily infected with up to 10 percent of organisations' computers are being infected and the next scheduled scan will catch only 1% of threats.

"More importantly, they don’t know how these threats got in, how they are spreading when inside, or which computers have them. Current endpoint protection platforms (EPPs) consistently still do not protect endpoints against mass-propagated consumer threats or handcrafted targeted attacks," says Wen.

The FIRST Advanced Malware Solution

FireAMP, an advanced malware discovery and analysis solution that analyses and blocks malware by utilizing big data analytics, and first in the market to offer advanced malware solution with 5 new capabilities: -

  • FireCLOUD™ – Cloud-based infrastructure with detection capabilities that leverage big data analytics to identify and score threats missed by other security layers
  • File Trajectory – Tracks file movement to allow organizations to identify the entry point and propagation path of malware
  • File Analysis - Provides detailed information on malware behaviour backed by the elite Sourcefire Vulnerability Research Team (VRT™)
  • Outbreak Control – Customer-defined detections that automatically blocks malware immediately
  • Cloud Recall™ – Continuous in-the-cloud analysis of historical file activity to discover and remediate threats that were previously missed

Wen ends, “Even with the latest security technologies with all of the latest updates, most of the enterprises still suffer from malware infections. FireAMP offers visibility into the state of malware in an environment - identifying high-risk computers, threat root causes, applications which are introducing the malware, advanced persistent threats, and malware that could be unique to a customer’s environment."

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Unknown said…
FireAMP is proven effective. It is even a match to the best firmware firewalls in the market and has anti spam service.