Fujitsu Launches TECHNOLOGY PERSPECTIVES Microsite for CIOs and Mass Public

Fujitsu, Asia’s No.1 ICT solutions and services provider, today announces the availability of its Technology Perspectives Microsite as a research and resources (R&R) center for local Chief Information Officers (CIOs).

The new and innovative Fujitsu Microsite presents an across-the-board look at trends in technology, business and society; and features Fujitsu’s thought leadership on revolutionary IT that lead to societal impacts.

President of Fujitsu Malaysia, Charles Lew says that the Fujitsu Microsite is in line with the company's vision to build a ‘Human-Centric Intelligent Society’ by leveraging the application of smart IT systems and networks to improve people daily lives.

“Fujitsu not only looks into the future of ICT but also takes steps to turn IT vision into human reality. The microsite shows how we invest significant resources to identify the patterns of ICT change that are paving the way for the future.”

The Fujitsu Technology Perspectives Microsite will be updated on a regular basis on visionary ICT advancements to reflect the key forces and dynamics which are shaping the various industries.

The microsite is also to serve the needs of those looking-forward organisations, business decision makers, analysts, journalists and even the mass public.

Supporting Executive Researches

Based on the recent Computer Weekly research - 'Top CIOs Admit Their IT is behind the Times', a high 67 percent of CIOs interviewed said that their IT systems were not sufficiently flexible to accommodate their future business needs.

"In view of this, the Technology Perspectives Microsite helps CIOs think of ways to innovate their existing IT infrastructures to meet tomorrow’s challenges,” says Lew, adding that the microsite’s user friendly interface allow busy executives to find and download the information they need quickly and easily.

The Technology Perspectives Microsite is broken down into 12 distinct business and technology trends which include Real Time Insights; Borderless Business; People First; Big ‘I’ Little ‘T’; Every Thing Connected; Trading Places; Outside-in; Choice: The New One-size-fits-all; Social Working; Crowding Out; Re-shaping Organizations; and Mobile is Dead (Long Live Mobile).

“You can read on the Fujitsu Technology Perspectives Microsite of some of the key ICT trends that will impact businesses in 2012 and beyond. These include mobile technologies, cloud services and social media – which are all in line with the explosive Big Data growth that has been happening for the past 2 years."

“IT decision makers will find the microsite very helpful for suggestions to exploit IT to maintain a competitive yet sustainable edge in the future," ends Lew.