IBM To Unveil Hollywood-Styled Security Intelligence System

As what was fortold by trends, IBM announced new capabilities for its security intelligence platform which aims to protect enterprises from sophisticated and complex security threads, using a single platform.

To understand this easily, remember the movie Terminator's Skynet system ? It is something dreamed up to be similar kind.

To date, many corporations have been unable to create a security defense system because they have cobbled together technologies that don't integrate in an intelligent and automated fashion. This patchwork approach has created loopholes that hackers can exploit.

The QRadar Security Intelligence Platform, designed by Q1 Labs and acquired by IBM last fall, tackles this problem head-on by serving as a control center that integrates real-time security intelligence data to include more than 400 different sources.

The system offers 3 main benefits:
  1. Threat intelligence - Intelligence from one of the world's largest repository of threat and vulnerability insights is planned to be available based on the real-time monitoring of 13 billion security events per day
  2. Broad coverage - people, data, applications, infrastructure
  3. Big data capability

The machines are coming!

For more details, refer to 'Enterprise IT News'.

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