MyIX Announces Their New Revamped Website

Malaysia’s sole neutral Internet Exchange operator, MyIX – also known as ‘Persatuan Pengendali Internet Malaysia’, today announces the launch of its overhauled website,

According to MyIX Chairman Chiew Kok Hin, the new website is to allow visitors to gain a comprehensive understanding of MyIX.

In Effort to Boost ISP Memberships

“This site has a fresh feel which I think appeals to our growing number of ISP members. This step is taken by MyIX to build better relationship with our existing members by making the site interactive and at the same giving our loyalist members what they have come to expect.”

The revamping of the MyIX website is essential to the growth strategy by encouraging the sign-ups of more ISPs and content providers with MyIX besides, promoting broadband that helps the penetration rate in the country.

So far, this has been effective for MyIX with the latest addition of four new members i.e. Tune Music Sdn Bhd, VADS Berhad, BigBand Sdn Bhd and Tg Agas Technology Sdn Bhd.

“We want members to invite us into their office or home through this site and be satisfied with the service they are getting. It’s a place that will continue to evolve as we do,” says Chiew.

New Website Functions and Features

When overhauling the site, designers took around 2-3 months but decided to keep it fun and simple with a user friendly approach. Take for example the Member Login, here MyIX members are able to download reports, minutes of the meetings etc once they are logged-in.

The redesigned website reflects non-profit organization’s new direction to enhance its existing services to new and existing customers by streamlining its operations and providing instant accessibility and directly connection with the aggregation of networks within MyIX’s Internet hub.

The overhauled website offers a brand new multimedia experience, showcasing MyIX’s innovative features, animated stills and photo gallery which provide a more engaging usage and browsing experience for its members.

There are five tabs offering a wide range of services such as Member Login for Reports, Traffic Statistics, Useful Links (Looking Glass and Network Monitoring System), Photo Gallery and Latest Updates.