Simplifying Big Data - Oracle Malaysia

Big data is a brand new trend in the ICT industry. In simple terms, it is referring to a scenario of evolving data boundery which matters to business analytics.

Traditionally, business analytics will depend on information system data such as data from EPR, CRM and etc which are deemed structured and transactional based.

Big data aspires to incorporate non-traditional, less structured data: weblogs, social media, email, sensors, and photographs

Big data trends emerged as a result of decreases in the cost of both storage and compute power, hence creating better feasibility to collect these types of data and store it for analysis.

Big data can be categorized into three types:
  1. Traditional enterprise data
  2. Machine-generated /sensor data
  3. Social data
The McKinsey Global Institute estimates that data volume is growing 40% per year, and will grow 44x between 2009 and 2020. However, volume is not the only characteristic which matters. Velocity, variety and value must also be managed accordingly.

Why Is Big Data Important ? 

According to Jimmy Cheah (Oracle Malaysia), when big data is distilled and analyzed in combination with traditional enterprise data, enterprises can develop a more thorough and insightful understanding of their business, which can lead to enhanced productivity, a stronger competitive position and greater innovation – all of which can have a significant impact on the bottom line.

The Next Step Forward

Enterprises have been deploying business analytics solution, now it is the time to capitalize those systems further by performing analysis with combination of big data.

To solve the Big Data challenge, enterprises need a complete and integrated solution to address the full spectrum of enterprise big data requirements.

The big data trend presents a new frontier for business analytics vendors in terms of business opportunities and for end users to capitalize on existing system or to deploy new system for business analytics.

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