Global Transit Links Indonesia to the World

Global Transit Communications (‘GTC’), South East Asia’s (SEA) fastest growing international bandwidth provider, and PT PGAS Telekomunikasi Nusantara (‘PGASCOM’), which operates an undersea fibre-optic cable from Singapore to Jakarta have entered into an agreement to provide competitive, reliable bandwidth connectivity to SEA’s most populous country.

According to CEO of Global Transit Communications, Saiful Husni, the partnership with PGASCOM, a subsidiary of Indonesia’s largest gas company, PT Perusahaan Gas Negara Group, provides GTC with a strong advantage in Indonesian domestic network.

“This partnership will ensure GTC’s revenue growth in its international bandwidth business, and provide an alternative gateway for Indonesia telecommunication providers and businesses to connect to the rest of the world”

Saiful adds, “Based on Indonesia’s market size, 10% of Indonesia’s demand for communications is the equivalent to 70% of Malaysia’s total demand. However traditional internet service provider (ISP) players setting up a presence in Indonesia have to incur expensive infrastructure cost in backhaul leasing from Singapore to Jakarta, driving cost of connectivity higher. This strategic partnership gives GTC a significant cost advantage in relation to the traditional approach of most players.”

The partnership would bring a total capacity of 160 Gbps to Indonesia, capable in meeting today and the future’s demand of high quality data communication requirements.

“GTC has already established Points of Presence (POPs) in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and USA as part of its global service coverage. The extension to Jakarta will allow both companies to grow the business by riding on GTC’s global backbone connectivity from Asia to the USA.”

Details of the Collaboration

This link leverages PGASCOM’s submarine cable backhaul infrastructure that is developed in a high security standard gas environment and implemented in its optical cable infrastructure buried in the gas’s pipeline ROW (Right Of Way).

The GTC-PGASCOM partnership is a joint establishment of IP infrastructure as an extension of GTC’s IP network in Singapore, into Jakarta. It will also provide Tier-1 IPLC (international private leased circuit) connectivity infrastructure from Indonesia to the rest of the world, via multiple upstream providers.

As the IP connection network is co-owned by both PGASCOM and GTC, it will allow for better SLA (service level agreements) and control.