Technologists and Technicians Bill 2012

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No big deal yet.

This bill proposes registration of technologies and technicians based on qualification as a way of recognition for quality control.

In many ways, it aspires to establish professionalism in the ICT industry similar to those of conventional engineers, doctors, lawyers and etc.

The ICT 'profession' is not a conventional profession due to the fact that it is still pretty much a younger 'profession' which least best practices for practitioner to uphold.

Given the nature of the industry which are defined by continuous advancing technologies, existing technologists and technicians find it hard to establish equilibrium between knowledge from school and real life practical scenario. In most cases, such 'professionals' are subjected to relearning of skills all the time.

For instance, a doctor is the master of the human body because the human body 1 century ago is almost similar to the human body today. Even though there are still many rooms for exploration, a professionalism can be established based on the human body.

A computer engineer is however not able to enjoy such luck because a computer 10 years ago compares a big difference with a computer today. A software engineer who is skilled in certain programming languages may find the language becoming obsolete in the coming years.

This proposal hasn't yet to identify a clear syllabus for the proposed technologists and technicians.

My guess is that it will not be that easy.

Based on the proposal established for now, it seems likely that recognition will go down the path of recognizing graduates from selected educational institution.

Personally, I feel that this bill is good for those people with good educations who wish to maintain a longer term career with the ICT industry. It will be not so good news for hobbyists 'professionals', thus creating a bigger entry barriers those who which to enter the industry.

As an overall, this proposal has a noble intention.

Besides the ICT industry, other industry such as insurance industry is also seeing such development, however up to now, there is no clear direction yet.

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