Hyper Build - Visual Build Automation Tool

Hyper Build is a build automation software which enables companies, software developers and build masters to automate their software build, testing, deployment and release process.

Hyper Build allows you to visually design your build process via an easy-to-use UI using the hundreds of built-in actions for the most commonly used tasks and tools.

To automate software build, testing, deployment and release process only.
  • Checking out files from version control
  • Incrementing version numbers
  • Copying files
  • Building source code
  • Building documentation
  • Running some batch files
  • Performing automated tests
  • Created setup/installer program
  • Uploading the setup/installer to a web site or ftp site

This build process can get quite extensive and complicated, and so, having a efficient and automated build process is very important for any software developer and build master.

Hyper Build is a software for automating your build, testing, deployment and release process. Hyper Build comes with hundreds of built-in actions for most commonly used tasks related to files, folders, compilation, build, flow control, archiving, zipping, source control, testing, FTP, registry, system, text, and more! You use these built-in actions to visually create and design your build process. You can then run the designed build project from within Hyper Build or using the Hyper Build command-line utility.

The value that I see from this is that it helps to manage and document all build processes in a single platform. Having such capability, one would be able to trace easily which version of software comes with which modules and having which features ?

It support MS Visual Studio whereby it is able to compile source code via "Build Visual Studio" or "MS Build" action where the .sln/proj file has been specified. The version of the Visual Studio must also be specified from a dropdown in the UI.