Android.Opfake Makes Another Run

Android.Opfake is malware written for Android devices that masquerades as various apps and content, including an installer for the Opera Web browser and a pornographic movie, which requires the user to pay for them. It demands payment for the app or content through Short Message Service (SMS) messages.

The creators of the Android.Opfake threat have taken the art of social engineering to new heights as they continue to peddle their wares.

In short, Symantec recently discovered several dummy sites being used to peddle the malware, which is being disguised as games such as Temple Run and Cut the Rope. The attackers have even gone so far as to include images of actual devices playing the games in an attempt to convince unsuspecting users that the malicious versions are actually legitimate.

In addition, Symantec has published a new whitepaper detailing the inner workings of the Opfake malware and how on the surface the threat may appear to utilize a legitimate business model to generate revenue, but a technical analysis reveals the unforeseeable risks it creates for end users. The paper can be found here:


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