Angel Fundings Depleting Fast

But where is it actually ?

Cradle proposed that those with more money should take initiative to pump in more money into venture capitalist funds and the obvious target is the private sector. But why would they want to do that ? Technically they can do that because they have the money. It is like asking Genting Group to give out RM 100 million for development grant so that they can pay less taxes ? Or is it more like telling rich people to give back society in order to reduce inequality ?

Crowd-funding is an approach where people pool money and resources together, typically via the Internet, to support a particular project, company or cause.

Crowd-funding is good to revitalize public services project, such as those related to solving traffic jams and etc. This can be interesting. The problem is who wants to be responsible for the success and failure of a project ? The project leader must be someone with a privately attached company with above average income pay and someone with another 10 more years in his IT career, this will encourage him to complete these type of public funded project with full capacity and dedication in order to move to the next level which will see his or her retirement. In retrospect, if the project leader is someone at retirement stage, the project may not blossom to its full capacity.

In another report, it is said that VCs fail to do better than their predecessors because of their money manager mentality, and they aren't capable of advising entrepreneurs on how to viably commercialise their products.

To comment on this, I believe that opportunities are getting smaller in a sense where most innovation have been invented. If you look at the success of Google and Facebook, it all premise on the idea of a great product, great timing, first mover advantage, globalized and VC. But VC is just the fuel for the engine, the chicken and egg scenario is the engine must be invented first, and that it can go with any type of fuel as long as it is abundant.

Cradle commented that currently there are only nine (9) venture capitalist funds in the market, it used to have 3 times more.

Good luck, the trend is not on VC now, especially in Malaysia. It should not be the focus, maybe just a bonus. We should create products which will have a large number of users and then only to think about going the next step.

It is an open ended world out there and it is limitless and literally without permanence. The challenge comes in the nature where every moment business opportunity is changing and shifting.