BYOD Has High Potential

I am excited about BYOD (bring your own device), it gives start-up with more opportunities than ever.

Throughout history, many gold mines were uncovered and depleted.

This trend is one of it.

Basically BYOD is an item the umbrella of a bigger trend called consumerization of IT which means the merging of enterprise IT with consumer IT and this is what Apple has been championing for years.

Apple has always been in the consumer market while Oracle, SAP and etc have always been in the enterprise market. Microsoft is actually in both.

I also believe that media-oriented channels will play a bigger role in enterprise IT sales whereby people are no longer convinced by corporate sales person as single point of reference, they will perform analytics before deciding. This brings us back to the long tail which states that people are buying most of what others want to buy, but no matter how unpopular a product is, there will always be some hit and these unpopular but surviving products form the long tail.

BYOD should hit the public sector within the near future and US president Obama agrees with this.

Therefore, enterprise CIOs, before they make any decision, they will keep performing analysis until it became politically correct to make the purchase. The long tail is the decision maker.

It is a great timing for this to happen now, with big companies such as IBM and SAS alike all evangelizing on big data and analytics.

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