Dachis Group Launches Content Insight Functionality

Dachis Group, the world's leading social software and solutions firm, announced the launch of Content Insight and the integration of the Facebook® Insights API into its social analytics platform, providing brands with a way to measure the impact of conversation streams and determine the most effective content for their pages.

The new Content Insight capability is now available to customers of Dachis Group's Social Performance Monitor software-as-a-service (SaaS) product.

Dachis Group also announced that they are one of only a few companies out of 231 in total certified in three of four groups within the newly updated Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer (PMD) Program. The Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer Program helps developers build products that make social marketing easier and more effective for big brands looking to leverage the power of social marketing on Facebook for engagement at scale.

"We're proud to collaborate with Facebook on this service and excited to be able to surface deep conversation data for our customers," said Erik Huddleston, EVP Product and CTO, Dachis Group. "Executives are demanding real ROI measurement for social spend and Likes and Followers are no longer a satisfactory measure of performance. Brand marketers need better insight into which actions and messages are moving the needle on the business outcomes that matter."

The Promise of Social for Brands

For brand marketers, the rise of social networks like Facebook, with its 800 million users, brings both the promise of unprecedented access to customers and insight, and the challenge of how to make sense of the data and scale customer engagement.

Brands and companies set up Facebook Pages to market themselves and engage with customers. But until now, they've only had blunt instruments to measure the value of their investments--the number of Likes or Fans--to measure how well they're doing. Facebook Insights API gives brands better understanding into how well their Pages are reaching Facebook users and Dachis Group Content Insight uncovers which conversations the brand is having on Facebook are the most effective.

The Evolution of Facebook's Partner Program

When Facebook introduced the Preferred Developer Consultant (PDC) program in December 2009, Dachis Group companies comprised three of the seven inaugural members. The program was created to provide brands and organizations with a trusted list of companies experienced in integrating and creating Facebook products and technologies.

As Facebook's network grew, Dachis Group expanded to become one of the largest of the 90 partners, creating more than 500 custom Facebook applications, tabs, and Facebook connect integrations for global clients.

Today, Facebook rolled out its new Preferred Marketing Developer Program as part of its Facebook Marketing Developer Spring Summit. The program recognizes companies that have developed technologies in one or more of the following specialty areas:
  • Insights: Page and post analysis, benchmarking, KPI tracking, and other tools for measuring performance across Facebook objects.
  • Pages: Post scheduling and targeting, moderation, permissioning, and other tools to manage Facebook Pages.
  • Apps: Services and platforms for building socially enabled integrations-customized or self service.
  • Ads: Advanced ad creation, campaign management, and reporting capabilities.

Dachis Group is certified to be included in three of the four partner classifications, including: Insights, Pages, and Apps.

How Dachis Group Leverages Facebook Data

As part of the Facebook Insights program, Dachis Group has launched its Content Insight service as a component of its Social Performance Monitor SaaS application.

Dachis Group's Content Insight analyzes all of a brand's Facebook posts, correlates it with other data flows, provides a rich collection of measures, and applies semantic analysis to show number of views and sentiment for each post and comment. Content Insight also integrates with Advocate Insight, Dachis Group's latest SaaS application, to show whether a Facebook visitor is one of the brand's advocates.

For each post, Content Insight provides:
  • Post Reach: The number of unique people who have seen the post.
  • Engaged Users: The number of unique people who have clicked anywhere on your post.
  • Sentiment: A measure from -100 to 100 capturing the overall sentiment for the post.
  • Virality Score: The number of unique people who have created a story from your Page Post as a percentage of the number of unique people who’ve seen it.
  • Post PTAT: "People Talking About This" is the number of unique users who have created a "story" about a page in a seven-day period, such as liking a page or posting on a wall.