Facebook To Focus on Mobile For 2012

Facebook make it a point that the mobile platform must be properly taken care of in order to capitalize on the advertising industry.

For more information, refer to Reuters.

Malaysia has one of the biggest smartphone users in the world. A survey commissioned by Google in Oct 2011 found that
  • 1 in 3 Malaysians say they would rather give up their TV than their smartphone.
  • On a daily basis: 43% of Malaysian smartphone users go onto the mobile Internet.
  • 68% say they never leave home without their smartphones and 58% say they first access information on their smartphones and then follow up to find more info on their laptops / PCs.
Another interesting thing to look at is Facts and Figures about Smartphones in Malaysia which was published Oct 2011 where it is found that the typical smartphone user: 25-34 years old, high educated and working.

Like Google, Facebook business model is very unconventional. Google made most of its software free by heavily invested into R & D while not making direct income from it products. Nevertheless, over the years Google has transitioned itself from a total dependent on the advertising business by diverting into other business activities such as manufacturing mobile phones, enterprise products and etc.

The real Facebook business model is still a debate. Most people would believe that it is advertisement, but if we look carefully, I don't see much advertisement hanging around my own page. Some says it is charging Facebook app developers a fee for its platform. My last analysis feels that it can also be in the business of providing intelligence.