SAS unveils SAS High-Performance Analytics

SAS, the leader in business analytics software and services, today announces the availability of SAS High-Performance Analytics software for Malaysia enterprises and business organizations.

SAS High-Performance Analytics, appliance-ready software for Teradata and Greenplum, performs complex analytics processes on big data, slashing analysis time from days to hours, from minutes to seconds, on billions of rows of data.

SAS High-Performance Analytics, which began shipping last year, will be enhanced in August with the new text-mining support to provide companies with insight gained from unstructured data in emails, social media, call center logs, documents and other information.

SAS Malaysia’s Managing Director, Andrew Tan shares that High-performance analytics is the most significant SAS technology advance in at least 10 years. “Business leaders don’t want to wait overnight to process data. They want information as quickly as possible and they want it in a format that makes sense to them and they want to access it when they need it wherever they are. They want to deal with transforming their business now.”

According to Forrester Research, on average, data doubles every 18 months for critical applications, while for some, such as telecommunication call-data-record applications, it can quadruple in the same period.

In the past, we relied heavily on transactional and electronic commerce data, but today new types of workloads are entering the organizational landscape, ranging from mobile, social media, instrumented data, metering data to documents, audio, and video.

Unstructured data, accounting for more than 80 percent of today’s data, can be difficult to analyze, often swamping traditional computer architectures. SAS High-Performance Analytics enables organizations to address “big data,” to reveal hidden relationships within structured and unstructured data –in order to uncover potential opportunities, such as new lines of business, untapped customer segments, client satisfaction issues and profits.

“Enterprise data assets have grown exponentially in recent years, and these massive amounts of structured and unstructured data require two things to be valuable for decision making,” said Surya Mukherjee, Senior Analyst at Ovum. “First, the data volume must be abstracted from users so that they can analyze very large data sets without having to worry about the plumbing. And second, these insights must be delivered quickly to decision makers before a business opportunity is lost or a risky situation develops into a catastrophe.”

“High-performance analytics like those offered by SAS have the potential to generate significant value from data, providing answers in near-real time and delivering competitive advantage,” Mukherjee said.

Banks, Telcos, Retailers and Manufacturers stand to gain from High Performance Analytics Tan further shares, “Enterprises are finding real value in faster answers. With high-performance analytics applied to their text data, companies can greatly improve decision making.”

“For example, a large financial services firm with millions of customer accounts and thousands of products can merge customer call center transcripts with demographic and financial data to improve response rates from marketing campaigns with SAS. Add to that the speed of SAS High-Performance Analytics, and marketers can interactively adjust and fine-tune scenarios to find the best way to reach customers.”

SAS High-Performance Analytics could be highly beneficial in many other scenarios, such as in financial service, manufacturing and telecommunication:-
  • Using SAS High-Performance Analytics, a major US retailer delivers store-specific pricing involving more than 270 million item prices every week. What once took more than 30 hours to compute now takes two with SAS High-Performance Analytics. The retailer can then optimize its prices more frequently, respond to market conditions and maximize revenue.
  • An Asian bank valued its complex capital markets portfolio of 100,000 instruments across multiple time horizons with more than 100,000 scenarios in less than 30 minutes with high-performance analytics technology from SAS, calculating on-demand, intra-day portfolio risk.
  • A manufacturer could use SAS to build predictive models from product and parts catalogs, which contain millions of items with full text descriptions. The models could then be used to match new customer service requests with appropriate information, and prioritize ordering needs in near-real time.

Getting insights faster than ever

Tan further shares that every business is facing an overload of information. The challenge is making it actionable in an ever shrinking window of opportunity. “Being able to process data very quickly is one thing but it is another thing if we can process information faster using analytics which gives people a peek into the future of their respective business. SAS is different in that respect as SAS High-Performance Analytics enables fast processing of analytics not just data.” “With in-memory analytics, we are taking complex analytical processes such as credit risk scoring or marketing optimization or value at risk calculations and reducing its processing time from hours to minutes.” The SAS High-Performance Analytics product family includes other solutions, such as SAS High-Performance Risk, SAS Visual Analytics and its patent-pending SAS® LASR™ Analytic Server.


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