Sonru Online Interview Automated Recruitment

Sonru is a SaaS solution for online recruitment. It caters for automated online interviews by having pre-recorded and unattended interview process.

Sonru's video interviewing solution replicates a real live interview. Interviewers create and send (via email) competence-based interviews to candidates (specifying the time allowed to read and answer each questions) - interviewer and candidate do NOT need to be online at the same time.

Candidates record their video responses to the questions in the own time and own location. Stopping halfway through is not an option.

The results of the 'interview' will then be evaluated and shared with colleagues to facilitate for candidate selection. It is a one stone kill many birds weapon.

Sonru is being brought to the Malaysian audience by PowerUpSuccess, a company involves in providing human capital development services.

Sonru is fully integrated with Taleo, a cloud-based SaaS Talent Management solutions which was acquired by Oracle Feb 2012. Taleo was initially targeting SMBs and its core modules include recruiting, performance, compensation, learning, career advancement and talent intelligence.

Therefore, customers need not have the pre-requisite of having in-house talent management solution in order to reap full benefits of Sonru. As the matter of fact, the synergy with Taleo provides customers with a full suite of solution.

Signing up to Sonru is in many ways similar to signing up to a public hosted blog service.

It targets companies of all sizes, competiting with HR recruitment agencies for middle-tier head-hunting market segments. Comparing to head-hunters, Sonru provides customers with better costs saving of up to 80%.

Sonru is Irish originated and its APAC CEO is Mr. Luke Falvey who is based in Singapore.

For more information, refer to 'Malaysia Technology News'