BMW Group Malaysia Introduces BMW Eco Pro screensaver

BMW Group Malaysia introduced the BMW Eco Pro screensaver, a special screensaver which operates on the same principle as the premium carmaker’s innovative Auto Start/Stop function, enabling Windows and Mac users to further contribute towards energy efficiency and environment sustainability.

“The BMW ECO Pro screensaver is designed to further highlight what we at BMW seek to achieve through our strategy of BMW EfficientDynamics – the development of solutions as well as practices which result in meaningful and practical benefits to users as well as the environment.” said Mr. Raymond Tan, Head of Marketing of BMW Group Malaysia whose team spearheaded the creation of the BMW ECO Pro screensaver.

Tan added that as a responsible corporate citizen as well as the most sustainable car company in the world, BMW has been at the forefront of innovation for the reduction of fuel consumption and emissions in its performance enhanced vehicles.

The BMW ECO Pro screensaver applies the same energy conservation principle in which BMW has incorporated into all of its cars with the Auto Start/Stop function. The function automatically switches off the vehicle’s engine at a standstill, when the brake pedal is depressed and restarts the engine automatically as soon as the driver presses the accelerator pedal again. The function, an innovation created under the BMW EfficientDynamics strategy, enables fuel savings of up to 20%.

In similar fashion, when installed, the BMW ECO Pro screensaver uses a webcam and facial detection coding to detect the absence or the presence of the user. Should the webcam detect the absence of the user after 10 seconds, the screensaver would switch off the computer screen and would automatically revert once the user returns.

Despite the additional use of a webcam and processor in the BMW ECO Pro screensaver, the average energy consumption on an idling laptop can be reduced by 693.99watts, a 89.87% reduction from the regular default settings in a computer.

According to Tan, with the BMW ECO Pro screensaver, Malaysians could potentially save over 12 million kW of energy if everyone were to leave their computers and notebooks idle for 10 minutes. On a global scale, the potential savings could be closer to 200 million kW. The initial projections recorded by BMW estimate that the move would also reduce up to 36 tonnes worth of CO2 emissions as well as a worldwide financial savings of up to RM 145 million.

“More importantly, however, is that people will be generating cumulative energy savings without having to make massive adjustments to their usual work or personal habits as the technology does the work for you, a true demonstration of how we at BMW have shaped the automotive industry towards total sustainability through BMW EfficientDynamics.” said Mr. Tan.

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