Fujitsu Amazes Malaysia with the Thinnest and Lightest LIFEBOOKs

Fujitsu, the No.1 Global Windows-based Tablet PC Vendor (Quarterly PC Tracker Q1 2012, by unit shipments) today unveiled its newest and updated range of business and consumer products. Fujitsu has yet again redefined the market for notebooks with the launch of the new and updated models of LIFEBOOKs under the S, U, L, A, E and P series. This new and updated range of products ride on the latest 3rd Generation Intel Core processor that suit a variety of consumers' computing requirements, styles and colour preferences.

Fujitsu today launched more than 11 models of LIFEBOOKs that will meet the diverse requirements of its customers; be it a business executive, a gizmo geek, today’s style conscious youth or the diligent learner. The new and updated models of the LIFEBOOK vary from being the slimmest to the lightest notebooks, delivering dynamic performance and security, enhanced user experience with longer battery life in their respective categories. They provide excellent performance combined with superior entertainment features that ride on the Takumi design LIFEBOOKs that are splashed with a vibrant selection of spring colours.

Unveiling the new range of products, Ms. Yap Hui Hui, Country Manager Malaysia, Fujitsu PC Asia Pacific Ltd. states, “Being true to our Japanese Takumi philosophy; our LIFEBOOK design for Year 2012 are works of art on their own - encompasses a distinct and uniform identity, while balancing style and performance for the everyday lifestyle, be it work and play”. She further adds “This new range of notebooks will allow customers to discover and experience new age computing as they are embracing mobility in their lifestyles and Fujitsu understands this paradigm shift.”

The S series –The Perfect Portable Work Companions for Enterprise Users

This series is specially designed to cater to the increasing demands from both the workplace and its users, fulfilling the challenging requirements of the commercial space.

S Series LIFEBOOKs help optimise work productivity with the newest 3rd Generation Intel Core processors and are equipped with the Intel VPro technology and a full suite of security features to provide optimal safety and IT assets management. The S series is a fine balance of portability and performance that is lightweight and provides an impressive 11hrs 30mins of battery life approximately.

Key models in this series are – S762

SH series – A Treat for Home - Stylishly Slim, Remarkably Light, Absolutely MORE Powerful

The SH series redefines the thin and light experience for 13.3-inch notebooks and measures at 16.6mm at its thinnest and weighs approximately 1.21kg, rendering it the world’s thinnest and lightest LIFEBOOK. Ideal for mobile professionals who desire style and perfection at its finest.

The SH series is available in various colours from the basic elegant Comfort Black soft finishing to the stylishly rich colours of Shiny Black, Ebony White, and Garnett Red, ingeniously designed LIFEBOOKS that are bound to get you noticed. Showcasing Fujitsu’s unique proprietary technologies, the SH series LIFEBOOKs come with the enhanced Anytime USB Charge for continuous charging of more mobile devices even when the LIFEBOOK is turned off.

Key models in this series are –SH572 and SH772

The U Series – Cutting-edge, Razor thin – Totally secure and affordable

The new LIFEBOOK U Series family is the affordable performance Ultrabook that is designed to keep up with your busy lifestyle quite effortless by cleverly combining smart technologies with long battery life, 3rd Generation Intel Core processors and assuring security features plus its lightweight. The LIFEBOOK U series family consists of the world's thinnest 14-inch Ultrabook providing unrivalled mobility and a no-compromise performance for the professionals on the go.

This Made in Japan Ultrabook is not only an affordable LIFEBOOK but also provides full PC computing capabilities in a sleek and stylish form factor, ideal for any mainstream user.

Key models in this series are – UH572 & U772

The L Series - Infusing Elegance and Colours for every Lifestyle

The L series is a continuation of the Fujitsu’s 2012 summer line up, now available with the 3rd Generation Intel Core i5 processor. Available in colours like the luxurious Shiny Black, Urban White, Cosmos Pink colour options and a matching dichromatic keypad, with charms that anyone would lust after. Special edition for the Asia Pacific region, the L series LIFEBOOKs are fashionably graced in Shiny Black, Ruby Red, Lavender and Matt Black.

Key models in this series are – LH532 & LH772

The A Series - Your Perfect Multimedia Desktop Alternative

The LIFEBOOK A Series is updated with the most compelling visuals, uninterrupted video playbacks and sound quality for a real theatre and gaming sensation. Now equipped with the latest 3rd Generation Intel Core i5 and i7 dual-core processors for multimedia experience like never before.

Key models in this series are – AH532 and AH552

The E Series - Premium Security and Connectivity for Business Professionals

The LIFEBOOK E series is built to befit organizations who require maximum cost efficiency, corporate reliability, full security features and need highly-customisable notebooks for their employees globally. Along with boosting it’s line-up with the new 3rd Generation Intel Core processors with Intel Turbo Boost Technology this range weighs extremely light. Another new highlight is the superior data transfer speed capability that is very essential in highly networked commercial world nowadays.

Key models in this series are – E752

The P Series - Compact-portability and Power Combined

Designed for those who require an extremely portable notebook for causal use, the 1.48kg, Made-in-Japan LIFEBOOK, P series has a smaller surface than an A4 sized paper. It is delightfully packed with the powerful, new 3rd Generation Intel® Core i5 processor and is finished with the DTS Boost sound system for great sounds; a spill-resistant keyboard to prevent accident spills and much more for everyday computing convenience.

The LIFEBOOK P series LIFEBOOK is available in Glossy Black and Glossy White and is furnished with sophisticated security features.

Key models in this series are – P702 and P772

The Takumi Philosophy (匠)

Ultimate dedication, expertise and experience to create the perfect Fujitsu LIFEBOOK

The new 2012 Fujitsu range of LIFEBOOK is intrinsically designed with the Takumi Philosophy which embodies 4 key elements – the Infinity Mark as a badge of excellence and innovation; the distinctive F-Line Keyboard outline to illustrate our craftsmanship and attention to details; a minimalistic, Zen-like Rounded Profile to signify simplicity and undivided focus on quality; and User-Centric Shared Details in the forms of a perfectly clean and levelled palm rest and a dichromatic, double injection colour isolation keyboard for both visual appeal and comfort, a chrome on/off power button with an illuminated ring and clear indications of the ports on the sides of the keypad for ease of use and a class of sophistication.