Fujitsu Launches World’s Most Energy-Efficient Server

Fujitsu, Asia’s No.1 ICT solutions and services provider, introduces its new PRIMERGY server generation, setting new standards in its class for energy efficiency. Fujitsu’s new PRIMERGY server generation is a modular, highly-scalable and customizable server platform enabling datacenters to manage their IT needs while simultaneously also significantly reducing energy costs.

Adrian Loh, Regional Head of Platform Products, Fujitsu Asia highlights that the upgraded Fujitsu server platform enables Malaysian companies to address the increasing demand for ‘green’ technology and to achieve a faster return on investment on their IT spending.

“Today, many data centers are challenged by limited power budget allocations and in setting more stringent environmental mandates. The gains in versatility, scalability and cost efficiency from using Fujitsu’s new generation, highly-customizable server platform allows businesses to meet their current IT needs and extend later, if required,” he says.

From Left, Edward Ling (Senior Manager, Platform Products, Fujitsu Malaysia),Adrian Loh (Regional Head of Platform Products,Fujitsu Asia), Charles Lew (Country President, Fujitsu Malaysia)

“The introduction of Fujitsu’s new generation PRIMERGY Server with improved energy efficiency will enable organizations to run an additional two-thirds more workload on their current power budget without stressing their datacenter’s cooling capacity. This is very good news for businesses that are facing limitations on power supply or heat dissipation in their datacenters,” says Loh.

Highest Energy Saving Capabilities for Local Businesses

In line with Fujitsu’s long-standing commitment to Green IT and Power Efficiency across its entire product line, the company is focused on server energy-efficiency. Loh says: “Our product innovations are the result of a clear strategy to deliver the greenest and best-performing servers in every class to meet customers’ needs – ranging from small stand-alone tower servers to very large datacenters.”

Based on recent benchmark results from the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC), the Fujitsu PRIMERGY generation set a new standard for server energy efficiency:
  1. A Fujitsu PRIMERGY RX300 S7 rack was the first single-node server to break the ambitious 5,000 ssj_ops/watt milestone, with the SPECpower_ssj2008 benchmark¹.
  2. New models provide a performance improvement of up to 73 percent as compared to the previous record-breaking PRIMERGY generation.
  3. Fujitsu PRIMERGY RX200 S7 delivers best-in-class energy efficiency levels1.
In addition, the new PRIMERGY server models provide 100 percent additional memory capacity and space for an additional 33 percent internal storage in the same form factor as the previous generation, while ease of administration is also assured for PRIMERGY servers thanks to Fujitsu’s ServerView Management software suite.

Platform products to help Fujitsu Malaysia grow

Along with the PRIMERGY RX300 S7, the launch includes other servers, namely the PRIMERGY TX300 S7 tower model, the PRIMERGY RX200 S7 and RX350 S7 rack servers, and the PRIMERGY BX920 S3 and BX924 S3 blade servers.

“In Malaysia, the newly-launched PRIMERGY server generation is targeted at existing customers for infrastructure upgrades and new customers in industries including commercial, healthcare, education, retail, communications, public sector, and financial services,” says Edward Ling, Senior Manager, Platform Products, Infrastructure Services and Solutions, Fujitsu Malaysia. “We are expecting the new PRMERGY server generation to make a significant contribution to the planned growth of our platform product business in Malaysia, and we will be working closely with channel partners as we look to further strengthen these relationships by introducing benefits and exclusive partner experiences under the global SELECT Partner program,” says Ling.


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