JCMEX Partners Sourcefire for Malaysia’s FIRST IPS-enabled IP Telephony Solutions

Sourcefire, Inc. (Nasdaq: FIRE), a leader in intelligent cybersecurity solutions, announces its local partnership with JCMEX Trading Sdn Bhd (“JCMEX”), to deliver Next-Generation Intrusion Prevention Systems (“NGIPS”) protection over Internet Protocol(“IP”) telephony solutions for enterprises, small and mid-sized businesses (“SMBs”).

Established since 2000 in Malaysia, JCMEX is Asia's pioneer distributor of Digium/Asterisk IP telephony solutions. JCMEX’s clients include Hewlett Packard, Ministry of Defence (Hanoi, Vietnam), Cebu Telecoms and many more.

JCMex expects this partnership to increase its IP telephony solution revenue as well as boost the number of enterprises in Asia into using web-based communication technology.”

“This year, JCMEX is looking at a 20% of growth in IP solution revenue sales. Currently, we have over 180 resellers around the region to advocate the business growth and performance,” ends Suzanne.

According to Ivan Wen, Country Manager of Sourcefire in Malaysia, JCMEX is Malaysia’s FIRST IP telephony solutions distributor, and also Sourcefire’s first local partner in providing secured IP telephony solutions for the local market.

Increasing Demands for Security Enabled IP-based Telephony Offerings

Based on the Frost & Sullivan’s latest report ¹, revenues for the enterprise telephony market in the Asia Pacific region is expected to grow to USD2.57 billion in 2016 (from USD1.72 billion in 2009). In particular, SMBs have shown an active interest in enterprise IP products that can help reduce the total cost of ownership and telecommunication bills.

Wen shares, “As VoIP (Voice over IP) increases in popularity, so does the potential for harm from cyber attacks. Security is becoming the main concern for enterprises to adopt IP-based telecommunication platforms.”

“Sourcefire’s NGIPS provides users with decisive threat-mitigating controls to reduce threat attack surfaces over VoIP, video and web communications, IP-based Private Branch Exchange (PBX) servers, IP traffic gateways, data networks and more.”

“Much like firewalls in any IT infrastructure today, IPS has become a required component in any VoIP deployment,” says Wen.

Security Enablement Brings Greater Business Opportunities

JCMEX’s General Manager, Vanita Suzanne shares that she is excited on the partnership with Sourcefire as it demonstrates to the Asia’s IP telephony industry that the company is at the forefront of innovative technology solutions.

“The new partnership will enable JCMEX to integrate Sourcefire's context-aware NGIPS within all its IP-based telephony offering range to identify and prevent malicious attacks, i.e. voice hacking, on communications platforms that have been commonly experienced by Asia’s IP telephony users.”

“In today’s competitive market, it’s common for businesses, particularly for the enterprises and small- and mid-sized business to engage IP-based communication platforms to be more operationally cost saving and to keep up with the latest in technology.

“The introduction of NGIPS-enabled IP telephony solution will also provide organization a peace of mind to explore other new IP telephony technologies, such as mobile applications and mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) services.”

Suzanne ends, “We are very pleased to be partnering with Sourcefire as the worldwide most leading intrusion prevention technology provider,”