MyIX Is Expanding Globally

MyIX is Malaysia's first neutral Internet Exchange where Internet Service Providers (ISPs) connect to exchange Internet traffic. MyIX has 8 nodes across Malaysia which include KL, Penang, Johor, Kelantan, Sabah, Sarawak and etc. MyIX was setup in 2006 with a grant from the government of Malaysia via SKMM, having a 5 years plan to improve the Internet connectivity for all parties. Since then, it has been self sustaining with incomes deriving mainly from members' subscription for peering connections.

In a press conference held yesterday, CEO of AIMS Chiew Kok Hin said that since MyIX was setup as a non-profit therefore its core challenge is to reduce operation costs as an ongoing basis.

The are two main benefits of subscribing to peering connectivity via MyIX:

1.) Costs saving in terms of Internet connectivity for local ISPs and data centres because they will depend less on International Internet service provider.

2.) For international companies such as Facebook and Google, having established peering connections with MyIX will translate into serving its users better. This can be understood in two terms.

  • Without peering with MyIX, users connecting to Google and Facebook will rely on the traditional route. As a result, connection speed may vary and sometimes even slower. In extreme circumstances, these companies may need to resort to setting up of localized data centres in Malaysia to help with the situation.
  • By peering with MyIX, users get to connect to Google and Facebook via the peering-route with better speed and these companies may not need to setup localized data centres.

Moving ahead, MyIX wants to attract more global businesses, by competing with other players in the region. The challenges have always been getting more members, establishing more nodes outside KL and supporting latest technology such as IPv6 and protecting the Internet freedom of Malaysia.

Up to date, it has a good portfolio of members which include all the big names in the Malaysian telecommunication industry such as TM, Jaring, celcom, DiGi, Maxis, MyKRIS and etc.