Oracle Unveils Industry’s Broadest Cloud Strategy

According to its CEO Larry Ellison, Oracle Cloud is a result of almost seven (7) years of ‘relentless engineering and innovation plus key strategic acquisition which is equivalent to an investment of billions of dollars’

“Most cloud vendors only have niche assets. They don’t have platforms to extend. Oracle is the only vendor that offers a complete suite of modern, socially-enabled applications, all based on a standards-based platform,” said Ellison.

The Oracle Cloud provides customers with subscription-based access to Oracle Platform Services, Application Services, and Social Services - all completely managed, hosted and supported by Oracle.

Oracle Cloud offers a wide range of business applications and platform services, the Oracle Cloud is Oracle Cloud is powered by leading enterprise-grade infrastructure (including Oracle Exadata and Oracle Exalogic) to provide a high-performance, reliable, and secure infrastructure for running critical business applications.

Oracle Cloud: Platform Services

Built on a common, complete, standards-based and enterprise-grade set of infrastructure components, Oracle Cloud Platform Services enable customers to speed time to market and lower costs by quickly building, deploying and managing bespoke applications.

Oracle Cloud: Application Services

Oracle Cloud Application Services provides customers access to the industry’s broadest range of enterprise applications available in the cloud today, with built-in business intelligence, social and mobile capabilities. Oracle Cloud Application Services include ERP, HCM (human capital management), Talent Management, Sales and Marketing, and Customer Experience Services.

Oracle Cloud: Social Services

With Oracle Cloud Social Services, enterprises can engage with their customers on a range of social media properties in a comprehensive and meaningful fashion including social marketing, commerce, service and listening. It includes Social Network, Social Data Services, Social Marketing and Engagement Services and Social Intelligence Services.