What I Really Like About Samsung Galaxy Y

I am migrating from Nokia i6303. So, forgive me that my expectation is kind of normal.

1.) Size

First of all, it is small enough as a mobile phone and big enough as a mobile computer. It is a smartphone!

It is just nice, except that when typing on the virtual keyboard, it tends to slow me down.

2.) Price

It is a RM 499 piece of technology.

3.) WiFi,WhatsApp,Viber and Internet

I haven't got a GSM EDGE full fledged data plan yet, while my existing SIM card does support 3G EDGE connectivity.

Hence,I got started the WiFi experience with WhatsApp ,Viber.

It was a different experience, I must admit.

The moment after I got Viber installed, someone actually WhatsApped me: 'Baru joined Viber ?'.

4.) Integration with Google

The best feature that I like to acknowledge is the ability to add phone contact to either 'SIM', 'Phone' or 'Google'.

The best option is obviously to add the contact as Gmail's contact so that it will be forever in the cloud and forever in my contact list. Even if this phone is going to get lost tomorrow, I can always get back the contact list from gmail. Needless to say, switching to another Android phone will have the contacts directly sync. back to the new phone.

You can also make use of Gmail to import contact list.

This is super great!

However, there is no way to enter additional notes directly from the phone. You can only do that from Gmail.

5.) SAR - Specific Absorption Rate

According to the information provided in the user guide, the maximum SAR recorded for this model was 0.655 W/kg. In normal use, the actual SAR is likely to be much lower, as the device has been designed to emit only the RF energy necessary to transmit a signal to the nearest base station.

The highest SAR value under the ICNIRP guidelines for user of the mobile phone at the ear is 1.15W/kg.

6.) GPS support

It is amazing to contemplate that such a small device has built-in GPS support technology. However, there is a problem with using Waze.

Waze is showing funny street names

7.) Multi-tasking

You can download something while doing WhatsApp.

8.) Android, free apps, Google Play Store and community support.

Yes. It is an android phone!

9.) Amazing smartphone features

Touch screen, variety keypad lock, configurable silent mode, customized ringtones for individual contact and colorful.

10.) Long battery duration even with WiFi.

Ok. Maybe because the battery is still new. Finger-crossed.


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