BMW Innovation Days: BMW ConnectedDrive

BMW ConnectedDrive has been setting the pace in the field of automotive connectivity for many years now, and is renowned for forward-looking in-car concepts and technologies that maximise customer benefit. The new functions mark another milestone in the BMW ConnectedDrive success story and once again demonstrate how the BMW Group is striving to retain its status as the leading innovator in this area.

The new generation of the BMW Navigation system Professional boasts more powerful and impressive performance than ever, featuring a higher performance system run by 1.3 GHz processor and dedicated 3D graphics chip. The new sophisticated state-of-the-art design with atmospheric lighting and 3D caters for improvement in terms of visual. Optimised control concept with smooth scrolling and browsing caters for more intuitive experience and the new spatial capabilities for menu levels allow tactile feedback for the user accompanied by direct visual confirmation of their interactions with the vehicle.

Route Guidance System
  • Improved route guidance system.
  • Split-screen capability in central information display for easier orientation when selecting destination.
  • Interactive map enables drivers to zoom, tilt and even alter the map scale and direction.
  • Automated High Guiding function as the driver draws closer to the destination, displaying detailed navigation information, and a birds’-eye view of immediate area.
  • “3D City Models” view mode providing a realistic visualisation of surrounding streets and buildings, provided the city is within the vehicle database.
  • PIE Menu providing quick access to a wide range of actions that can be used on the map.
  • Real Time Traffic Information (RTTI) function that factors in real-time traffic situations for both route guidance and calculation of arrival time.
  • Extended toolbar that allows for customizable access to functions and map content.

Multimedia and Office Functions
  • A host of Office and Multimedia functions, including calendar and contact information list.
  • Calendar and contact information from two smartphones may be integrated into the vehicle.
  • 40 GB of Multimedia hard disk space.
Multifunctional Instrument Cluster Display
  • High-quality and comprehensive visualisation of driving-related information by merging both hardware and graphical software displays.
  • COMFORT, SPORT and ECO PRO driving experience modes have their own colour schemes and display instrumentation.
  • Instrument readouts adapt to specific driving modes to ensure drivers benefit from an instrument cluster display that is in tune with current driving situation.
  • Instrument cluster provides additional personalised information such as status and function displays, Check / Control messages and navigation instructions.

iDRIVE Controller Touch
  • 45mm multi-touch surface makes certain in-vehicle functions more intuitive, faster and easier to use.
  • Multi-gesture controls: Two-finger pinch gesture to alter the scale of the navigation map.
  • Ergonomically positioned for easier reach, with entry, selection and confirmation performed suing the control knob’s rotate-and-press mechanism.
  • Handwriting recognition function enables characters to be entered with finger by writing on surface of the touchpad.

  • Brings high-speed mobile internet experience to the road.
  • Requires LTE-capable SIM card (4G). When LTE 4G is not available, adapter switches to UMTS / HSPA 3G or GSM 2G.
  • Hotspot adapter allows for multiple devices to be linked up simultaneously to be shared by all passengers.
  • Built in battery pack, allow for portable use that last for 30 minutes without external power supply.
  • USB power supply unit enables autonomous use without need for either vehicle or battery.
  • Built-in antennae improves reception and reduces radiation.
  • Hotspot fits into any BMW centre console with phone base plate so it can be easily retrofitted into older BMW vehicles.
Speech-Based Functions
  • Dictation function employs full speech recognition system to transcribe driver’s words.
  • Numerous voice commands / phrases that can control multiple in-vehicle functions.
  • Also recognizes and answers questions relevant to the vehicle’s in-built functions such as “Are there any traffic?” or “How do I adjust the sound.”
  • Dictation function allows users to compose short text-based messages or e-mails with speech alone.
  • Easy-to-use editing tools allow users to conveniently put the final touches in their e-mails and text messages.
  • Recognizes up to six languages at present.
  • Voice memo feature allows drivers to make direct voice recordings of up to two minutes in length and send away by e-mail if required
  • Memos can be stored on USB stick when drivers leave the vehicle.
SDK for Third Party Apps
  • Allows for features such as web radio, Google Local Search and even Facebook to be used safely and easily in the vehicle.
  • Facilitates the integration of third-party apps into vehicle’s native control and display.
  • SDK contains guidelines and tools to help third-party app provides to safely develop vehicle-adapted versions of their apps.
  • In addition to iPhone compatibility, from July 2013, Android platform phones will also benefit from the application-based integration.