Groupon Malaysia and World Vision Malaysia Join Forces To Fight Hunger

Groupon Malaysia announced its support for 30-Hour Famine 2012 by World Vision Malaysia, an annual initiative to raise awareness and support for millions of undernourished children and their families.

“The Groupon Promise goes beyond just offering the best value deals. We believe in providing our subscribers with the best possible experience. To that end, we at Groupon Malaysia make strong efforts and constantly strive to harness the group buying trend in order to give our consumers an opportunity to contribute to a worthy cause and share the joy of bringing amazing life experiences to those in need too,” said Joel Neoh, Vice President and General Manager of Groupon Southeast Asia and India.

Commencing from 16 to 27 July 2012, the fund-raising campaign provides Malaysians with a platform and opportunity to come together and make a difference by contributing funds through a special ‘Donate RM10 for Nutritious Food for a Child and Family in Asia’ deal which can be accessible at

Full proceeds from the initiative will be donated to the World Vision 30-Hour Famine Fund to help provide for health, nutrition and development projects in countries including Malaysia, China, India, Mongolia, Myanmar, Vietnam as well as other communities impacted by natural disasters.

“Approximately 5 million children under the age of 5 are dying annually due to malnutrition, a plight which desperately needs the attention and support of the international community as well as concerned citizens from around the world,” said Liew Tong Ngan, Chief Executive Officer of World Vision Malaysia.

He further added since the introduction of 30-Hour Famine in Malaysia in 1997, World Vision Malaysia has successfully raised millions of ringgit from concerned Malaysians. He hopes that the collaboration with Groupon Malaysia will lead to even more support for the plight of malnourished children around the world.

“Through this venture with World Vision Malaysia, we hope to further demonstrate the potential power of Groupon. We aim to empower more communities and societies through the group buying phenomenon to serve, contribute and make a difference in the lives of those in need,” said Joel.

Themed ‘Hunger No More’, 30-Hour Famine 2012 will take place from 4 - 5 August 2012 throughout Malaysia culminating in a Famine Mega Countdown on 5 August at Stadium Malawati in Shah Alam, Selangor. At the Countdown, participants will gather to break their 30-Hour fast in an act of solidarity. Taiwanese singer, song writer and director Wang Lee Hom will also be making an official appearance in his capacity as World Vision Malaysia’s 15th Anniversary Ambassador.

To contribute to the 30-Hour Famine Fund through Groupon Malaysia’s ‘Donate RM10 for Nutritious Food for A Child and Family in Asia’ initiative, kindly visit