Migration Tool for Microsoft SQL Server to MySQL

Continuing to enhance the MySQL user experience on Microsoft Windows, Oracle announced a new migration tool that allows users to easily and quickly migrate data from Microsoft SQL Server to MySQL.

In addition, a new “MySQL for Excel” application plug-in enables data analysts to seamlessly access and manipulate MySQL data within Microsoft Excel, without requiring prior MySQL technical knowledge.

An enhanced version of the MySQL Installer for Windows is also available, helping users through the setup of advanced security and logging features, and a new MySQL Notifier application for Windows allows users to easily monitor and manage MySQL instances.

All tools are available for download now.

By using MySQL over Microsoft SQL Server 2012, users can reduce their database total cost of ownership by up to 90 percent.

The latest MySQL release MySQL 5.6, currently available as a Development Milestone Release, additionally delivers numerous improvements for Windows.

New Features Further Improve MySQL Manageability and User Productivity on Windows The new migration tool is integrated into MySQL Workbench, which allows the visual design, development and administration of MySQL databases, and now provides a complete solution for migrating Microsoft SQL Server database tables and data to MySQL with less time and effort.

With MySQL Workbench, SQL Server developers and DBAs can quickly and easily convert existing applications to run MySQL on Windows as well as Linux and other platforms.

Addressing the growing demand from business analysts using MySQL for data marts and analytic applications, the new “MySQL for Excel” application plug-in allows users to easily import, export and manipulate MySQL data.

Enabling users in most cases to go from download to development in three minutes or less, the enhanced MySQL installer provides point-and-click configuration of new MySQL database instances, as well as advanced logging and security features.

The new MySQL Notifier application for Windows helps developers and DBAs to easily monitor, start and stop their MySQL database instances, with the Microsoft SQL Server look and feel.