OpenNet Welcomes IDA's ICO Review Results

Following Info-communications Development Authority (IDA) of Singapore’s conclusion of its review of OpenNet’s Interconnection Offer (ICO), IDA has issued some specific directions regarding installation capacity and service activation periods among others. The IDA’s directions on installation capacity are in-line with OpenNet expectations and consistent with the increases in installation capacity that OpenNet has been planning. OpenNet will increase the current installation capacity from 2,400 to 3,100 per week effective August 2012. This increase in installation slots includes a dedicated 40 slots per day for the non-residential segment.

In addition to its regular installation capacity and in response to market demand, OpenNet has also been increasing installation capacity on a temporary basis to accommodate the spikes in demand for fibre installation slots that occur around the quarterly I.T. shows. These seasonal increases in connection capacity will continue to supplement the new weekly quotas.

In conjunction with its increase in installation capacity, OpenNet will be rolling out a marketing programme to Service Operators to improve uptake of fibre connections in the non-residential sector. The programme includes an effort to leverage on the resources and relationships of Service Operators with the building management of non-residential buildings to secure access and fibre penetration into non-residential premises.

Since the announcement of our 100,000th fibre subscriber in January this year, OpenNet’s subscriber base has grown by an additional 50%. In the month of June 2012 alone, OpenNet added over 15,000 subscribers to the Next Gen NBN. OpenNet expects fibre connections in Singapore to more than double from the January 2012 base by the end of this year.

OpenNet is committed to supporting the growth in demand for fibre services and will work closely with the IDA and all of its customers and stakeholders to continue to build Singapore’s Next Generation National Broadband Network into a world-class fibre network.