SOTA's HAS - Asia's First Hotel Allotment System

Creative Advances Technology Sdn Bhd (CAT) was started off as web portal design and development company. It had previously developed - the one-stop e-tourism portal that promotes the very best of Malaysia's travel and tourism opportunities to a global online audience.

About less than two years ago, it introduced SOTA, which is an online travel platform that caters to both travel businesses and travellers.

The core purpose of SOTA is to empower travel agents, allowing them to publish their products and services on widely accessed online travel marketplace, reaching out to consumers over 85 countries.

Rohizam Md Yusoff (CEO & Founder of CAT) explained that when they were designing SOTA, they had in mind a platform that promotes 1.) standards, 2.) collaboration, 3.) mass adoption, 4.) B2B and B2C and 5.) high returns for users.

As a result, SOTA XD was launched and has met with great success. Up to date, it has ..

  • 14,000 agents
  • 46 countries
  • 7,000 packages
  • 2,000 active packages
  • 500,0000 package viewd
  • 7,000 enquiries

SOTA XD provides all in one web based solution for travel agents which include interface customisation, content hosting, billing and communication with customers. In other words, SOTA XD provides travel agents with a service to host own web and e-commerce platform.

Today, SOTA launched HAS - Asia's First Hotel Allotment System (HAS) which also sits on top of the SOTA platform.

Using HAS, hoteliers will be able to manage all their sales distribution channels more efficiently by having instant access to room inventory, rates, sales channels and online bookings as well as connect to all their travel agents and consumers through just one online system.

If we look at what is happening in the industry, particularly the web arena, it always matter most that the one who will be the first to launch with the greatest outreach and fastest growth will win the game. Usually, those from Silicon Valley will take the trophies.

While designing SOTA's HAS, CAT has always been thinking about all potential competitors and complementers by analysing their pros and cons. What they have learned is a hotel will have to deal with many different channels during its daily operations. These channels include travel agents, online travel agents and etc. All these channels will bring in sales on daily basis. On top of these, there are other types of channels to maintain such as social media, search engines, industrial GDS (Global Distribution System), airlines and travel portals. All these will also bring in more sales.

To manage these channels requires colossal efforts so to speak. But SOTA's HAS can help.

HAS allows hoteliers to streamline multiple sales channels including their OTAs and wholesalers by centralising all their room allotments in a shared inventory pool. With HAS, hoteliers can access to real-time information of online business performance through an online executive dashboard, so they can better manage their sales channels anytime and anywhere as well as keep up with the fluctuating market conditions and seasonal peaks and lows.

Its features can be categorized as:

  • Shared pool allotment - centralise all room allotments in a shared inventory pool and manage distributions to agents and consumer with ease. HAS streamlines multiple sales channels including OTA and wholesalers.
  • Online executive dashboard - get a broad view of sales distribution channels online and track everything via the HAS dashboard.
  • Real-time rate control - enjoy 24/7 online flexibility and gain access to room rates anytime, anywhere.
  • Higher yield margin - get increased value for money by reducing cost of sales on high commission fees.
  • Global agent & consumer reach - reap the benefits of SOTA's network across 46 countries where over 1,400 travel agents are within reach.
  • Online agent contract management - Request, approve, reject and manage agent contracts online.

It also provides a platform for bulk and corporate bookings. It is both B2B (travel agents with consumers, travel agents with hotels) and B2C (hotels with consumers).

SOTA's HAS leverages on pay-per-use business model, charging hoteliers with US $2 for each booking only. It is supported by ASEAN Hotel and Restaurant Association (AHRA) and Malaysian Association of Hotels (MAHs).

Finally, the one million dollar question ? Is SOTA's HAS competing with anyone yet ? Yes and No. Possibly competing with OTAs in terms of outreach and also complementing OTAs in some ways. Possibly competing with other hotel management software providers in terms of technology deployment.

As the cyberspace dawns into maturity, things get more interconnected and businesses need to align or become out of business. 

(L-R): Joanna Lioa, Chief Marketing Officer of CAT, Rohizam Md Yusoff,CEO & Founder of CAT, Ms. Christina Toh, VP or MAH

The launch of HAS was officiated by senior representatives from partners such as Paypal and iPay88 as well as witnessed by distinguished representatives from various travel and tourism associations such as Malaysia Association of Tour and Travel Agents (MATTA), ASEAN Hotel and Restauratnt Association (AHRA), Malaysian Association of Hotels (MAH), Malaysia Chinese Tourism Association (MCTA), Malaysia Inbound Tourism Association (MITA), Malaysian Budget Hotel Associations (MBHA), Kuala Lumpur Travel Agent Association (KLTA) and representatives from 150 hotels and 50 travel agencies.

Keynote address was presented by Ms. Christina Toh, VP or MAH. The product demo session was conducted by Joanna Lioa, Chief Marketing Officer of CAT.


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