The ICT Trends Recognised by iDA Singapore (July 2012)

iDA Singapore will be organising a conference called 'Co-Creating The Future Infocomm Technology Roadmap 2012' on 17 Aug 2012, Singapore.

Based on the topics that speakers will be talking about, we are able to identify which ICT trends are considered critical by iDA Singapore for the benefits of public interests.
  • Big Data
  • Cloud computing
  • Internet & social media & business - Digital economy
  • Green IT
  • IT security
  • Automation

This is about it. If you want to sell to Singaporean something, these are the things to focus.

And they are not not alien anyway, these trends are what is happening around the world and even in Malaysia.

By looking at Malaysia Technology News, it is not difficult to spot such trends from the news published there.

Big Data

Cloud Computing

Green IT

IT Security

Digital Economy


What else you are expecting ? A.I, BYOD, Enternet Fabric, Storage, Mobile ?

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