Autodesk Professional Design App Delivers New Social Capabilities

Autodesk, Inc. unveiled new social collaboration capabilities in one of the design leader’s most popular professional mobile apps. The enhancements deliver new workflows that help streamline the design development, review and approval process by incorporating functionality made popular by leading social media platforms.

AutoCAD WS 1.5 takes AutoCAD beyond the desktop, allowing users to view, edit and share AutoCAD drawings with almost anyone, anywhere using their iOS or Android mobile device or Web browser. The new Design Feed in AutoCAD WS 1.5 mobile app tracks and captures the evolution of designs across multiple collaborators and stakeholders, all within the design itself.

AutoCAD WS 1.5
  • Simplifies design development using powerful, built-in social design collaboration tools that operate intuitively like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest tools.
  • Introduces Design Feed, a powerful feed that organizes comments within a drawing, and allows additional stakeholders to be tagged and invited into the conversation for further input.
  • Users can pin photos to specific locations within drawings, providing visual clarity and feedback.
Forrester Research, Inc. On Collaboration
  • According to a Forrester Research report, “Mobilize Your Collaboration Strategy,” 82 million U.S. consumers are expected to have tablets and 159 million to have smartphones by 2015, one-third of which will be used for work.
  • Companies must shift their collaboration strategies now to encompass mobile work and mobile devices. Forty-one percent of the information workforce is highly mobile, and this number will grow as more firms embrace smartphones and bring-your-own device programs.
  • Forrester Research pegged eight collaboration apps that matter most on smartphones and tablets. Areas addressed by the AutoCAD WS 1.5 and Autodesk 360 Mobile updates include:
    • Document-based collaboration – Sixty-two percent of information workers spend more than an hour per day working with documents, reports or other information that must be available via any device.
    • Activity streams – Emerging as a critical resource for organizations that work collectively in that they alert people wherever they are.
    • Social collaboration – Mobile access to internal blogs, wikis, community sites and social networks accomplishes two goals. First, senior staff probably won’t access it any other way. Second, every mobile professional remains connected, in touch, and part of the collaborative process.