Cyber-threats set to become number one business risk

Cyber-threats are predicted to be to be the number one risk to businesses within the next two years, according to the latest survey from B2B International in conjunction with Kaspersky Lab. The survey, involving over 3,300 IT specialists in 22 countries worldwide, found that cyber-threats were viewed as second only to economic uncertainty in terms of current business risk with the gap quickly closing.

Other IT security risks identified as amongst the top three concerns of organizations surveyed included the theft of intellectual property (cited by 31% of participants) fraud (26%) and industrial espionage (24%).

Although such threats existed long before malware emerged, data theft, fraud and industrial spying are all now typically conducted through cyber-attacks. The picture painted is of an environment under siege, with an alarming 41% of businesses acknowledging themselves less than ready to face cyber-threats.

For companies, effective protection from current levels of cybercrime means implementing unified security policies across the organization, as well as building a comprehensive system for the entire IT infrastructure.

Kaspersky Lab can provide this level of cyber-security through a range of effective business solutions to ensure the security of important network nodes (file and mail servers) and workstations running under Windows, Linux or MacOSX. Protecting data on smartphones connected to corporate networks is also critical and is accomplished by Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Smartphone . Managing the entire IT security infrastructure is handled through a single console provided by Kaspersky Security Center.

The effectiveness of Kaspersky Lab’s solutions in combating cybercrime is widely known. To learn more about our clients’ success stories, visit the dedicated section of the “Be Ready for What’s Next” portal.

The full report on B2B International’s July 2012 survey results.