FalconStor Enables Automated Service-Oriented Disaster Recovery for Any Environment

FalconStor Software, Inc., a market leader in disk-based data protection, today announced the latest version of RecoverTrac™ technology, offering customers fully automated recovery of complete IT services in any data center environment. Key enhancements in RecoverTrac 2.5 enable lightning fast recovery in mixed physical and virtual environments, failover and failback between dissimilar hardware and non-disruptive disaster recovery (DR) testing. As a standard feature of FalconStor® Continuous Data Protector (CDP) and FalconStor® Network Storage Server (NSS) solutions, the RecoverTrac DR automation tool allows customers to protect critical business services and recover these services in minutes.

“The rapidly rising demand for cloud computing, virtualization and big data have added new levels of complexity to IT infrastructures; these trends require organizations to rethink how they plan, test and execute DR strategies to meet high service level expectations,” said Suresh Nair, general manager and vice president of sales and marketing for FalconStor in the Asia Pacific region. “The RecoverTrac 2.5 tool provides one central management platform for IT administrators to define all recovery tasks, fully automate time-consuming manual processes, and initiate automatic, one-click DR testing without disrupting data center operations. RecoverTrac 2.5 technology recovers multiple servers and applications simultaneously, performing failover/failback between any combination of physical and virtual machines – dramatically eliminating the complexities of DR and reducing reliance on personnel.”

IT managers need to manage and protect mixed environments composed of physical and virtual assets and equipment from multiple vendors. RecoverTrac 2.5 technology is optimized for today’s heterogeneous data centers with enhancements that increase the speed and flexibility of DR automation:
  • Lightning fast recovery: Performance improvements and the ability to recover multiple machines simultaneously return organizations to full productivity in minutes.
  • Any-to-any recovery: Integration with VMware and Hyper-V and support for hardware templates enables failover and failback between any combination of physical and virtual servers and between dissimilar hardware.
  • Greater VMware support: VMware vSphere 5 and VMware cluster support enables load balancing and high-availability configurations.
  • Automated push-button DR rehearsal: Allows busy IT managers to test and refine recovery processes on a regular basis without disrupting business operations.

“IT resilience and data protection are key elements to a company’s success,” said John Morency, research vice president at Gartner. “Businesses must be able to recover quickly following a disruptive event, whether it is a lost file or the failure of a complex application or service. In failing to execute well tested disaster recovery, companies face the prospect of significant downtime, diminished employee productivity and lost revenue. Failover/failback automation ensures that IT managers can deploy and test DR processes far more efficiently and effectively – resulting in a significant reduction of the business impact of planned downtime.”

“The FalconStor CDP data protection solution enables server recovery after SAN storage failure and backup site recovery in the event of a natural disaster. Server recovery with FalconStor CDP is dramatically faster and easier compared to traditional backup methods,” said You Ootagaki, general manager and head of information technology at Nissay Asset Management. “Even if it were possible for an IT manager to be the first one to arrive at the scene to initiate recovery processes in an emergency, there would not be enough time to manage the task for a large number of servers. This is why FalconStor’s RecoverTrac automated disaster recovery tool is so important. With its sophisticated DR automation capabilities, RecoverTrac technology reassures me that FalconStor CDP’s high performance backup and recovery will be fast and efficient even in a true disaster scenario.”

“Panasonic Solution Technologies welcomes FalconStor’s RecoverTrac 2.5 automated DR tool with its new features and enhanced functions,” said Takashi Fukuchi, president of Panasonic Solution Technologies Co., Ltd. “We consider FalconStor’s data protection software the core technology in our business continuity offering area, and it plays a critical role in the IT-BCP solutions we provide our customers. We can now deliver more flexible business continuity offerings, as the new version of RecoverTrac enables faster system recovery with a variety of options in any mixture of physical/virtual environments.”

Availability and pricing

FalconStor RecoverTrac is available immediately as a standard feature of FalconStor CDP and FalconStor NSS.

Suresh Nair General Manager and VP of Sales and Marketing FalconStor Software, APAC.

Suresh Nair directs FalconStor’s sales operations through the Asia Pacific region, driving sales and furthering the company’s market penetration and leadership. Nair has extensive storage sales experience, most recently as regional sales director for EMC’s unified storage business in Asia Pacific and Japan. Prior to EMC, Nair was regional director of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) for NetApp, Inc., regional sales director for ASEAN/India at McData Corporation, and regional business director in Asia Pacific for Hewlett Packard. Nair holds a bachelor’s degree in information technology from the University of Southern Queensland, Australia.