Human Communication is Headed for Mute

Question: Does anyone know which airlines fly from Malaysia to San Francisco ?

Answer #1: Google it.

Answer #2: U can always refer to lonely planet or wikitravel or other websites.

Rather cold-blooded - I would call it cheap taste - maybe we should just forget about asking simple question.

But this is it. We are in the year 2012, the world is riding with insecurity, instability and economic turbulent. To top that up, human communication is half dead. In another 30 to 50 years, we will all be talking to robots and computer systems living in the cyberspace, powered by cloud computing servers.

By the time my parents' generation had passed on, this will be the inevitable lifestyle. Each of us will be accompanied by a robot which will help us with everything including dating tips. For older folks, the robots will help with mobility, shopping and even private security.

We will be paying the robots the same way we are paying for cars, financing it through bank loans on installment basis.

This trend will affect everything from the way we do shopping to the way how education will be carried out in schools.

It is fun and great feeling that the Internet and technology empower us in many ways as such that we can always help ourselves to compete with time and others. Nonetheless, communication with non human element alone can be boring most of the time albeit that it is faster, more accurate and low-costs.

We will need more search engines and robotic options in the future.

I think Emirates and SIA do fly to San Francisco from this country with stopover in Dubai and Korea respectively. It is going to be a long flight!