Marmalade and Urban Airship Partner to Offer Richer and Stickier Native Cross-Platform Apps

Marmalade, provider of the world’s most powerful cross-platform SDK for native mobile apps, and Urban Airship, the leading provider of high-performance push messaging, today at Casual Connect announced a partnership combining their best-in-class products to help create apps that drive greater engagement, retention and monetisation.

By making the Urban Airship APIs available as Marmalade extensions, Urban Airship and Marmalade are enabling all mobile app and game developers to use Urban Airship’s services such as push notifications, rich mobile messaging and engagement analytics, all within a cross-platform SDK that delivers native mobile apps from a single code base.

As more and more apps move to a service-based model, with regular feature and content updates being delivered to users, developers face the challenge of simultaneously updating apps across multiple OS platforms and devices, whilst striving to maintain user engagement through connected messaging services.

For developers, the Marmalade SDK uniquely provides performance and cross-platform portability accelerating their time to market for releases and updates. Combined with Urban Airship’s leading mobile customer engagement services, app publishers are now better positioned than ever before to deliver richer, stickier apps simply and simultaneously to users regardless of their device.

Christopher Dean, chief revenue officer, Urban Airship, commented: “Urban Airship’s sole focus is to help app publishers drive better engagement and monetisation from their apps. Today’s apps need to work across iOS, Android and beyond, and by using Marmalade together with the Urban Airship extensions, app publishers now have a high-performance set of tools at their fingertips with which to reach and retain more users.”

Tim Closs, CTO, Marmalade, added: “Marmalade enables developers to create and distribute amazing cross-platform apps that people can love regardless of their device. We’re delighted to be working with Urban Airship to make Marmalade apps even stickier.”