Marmalade’s Cross Platform SDK for Mobile Applications Coming to the MIPS® Architecture

MIPS Technologies, Inc., a leading provider of industry-standard processor architectures and cores for home entertainment, networking, mobile and embedded applications, and Marmalade, provider of one of the world’s most powerful cross-platform SDKs for native mobile apps, announced they are working together to bring Marmalade SDK support to the MIPS® architecture. Many of the world’s top-selling 2D and 3D games, including Draw Something, Call of Duty, Cut the Rope, Lara Croft, Need for Speed, and BackBreaker, have been made with Marmalade. With support for the MIPS architecture in the Marmalade SDK, developers of these games—and tomorrow’s top games and apps—will be able to easily bring their games to millions of MIPS-Based™ Android devices.

With the Marmalade SDK, developers can build and distribute cross-platform applications quickly and easily, creating mobile apps in C/C++, HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, and deploy them simultaneously as native apps to platforms such as Android and a host of other mobile and smart TV devices. Games publishers and developers around the globe—including Activision, EA Mobile, PopCap, Konami, Square Enix, Namco Bandai and others—have chosen Marmalade to deploy their premium franchises across smartphones, tablets and smart TVs.

“MIPS continues to gain traction in Android devices including tablets, especially in emerging markets where the performance efficiency of the MIPS architecture enables our customers to create high-performance, feature-rich, high-quality devices at affordable price points,” said Gideon Intrater, vice president of marketing, MIPS Technologies. “Marmalade has a significant developer audience and a powerful SDK that enables these developers to code natively across platforms. This is an appealing value proposition for developers, and we are pleased to work with Marmalade to enable support for MIPS. This is yet another step in our goal of enabling the entire universe of Android apps to work seamlessly on MIPS.”

“Given the increasing adoption of MIPS in Android devices, we see MIPS as a valuable player in mobile going forward, especially in emerging markets,” said Tim Closs, CTO at Marmalade. “Marmalade is committed to addressing all of the platforms of interest to our developer audience. This continues our promise of being the world’s leading solution for developers to build cross-platform native apps targeting smartphones, tablets and beyond.”


The next official release of the Marmalade SDK with MIPS support is expected to be available in August 2012.