Cooliris - Social Media App for Photo Sharing and Photo Passion

The Cooliris app lets you discover all your photos in one place. Seamlessly browse photos from your iPad or iPhone, Facebook, Instagram, and the web. Then selectively share them with your close group of friends.
  • View photos from your library, Facebook, Instagram, and the web.
  • Interact with photos on a stunning 3D wall.
  • Collaboratively share photos in private conversation or post them to Facebook.
  • Stream photos to Apple TV via AirPlay for the family to enjoy.
  • Works on iPad and iPhone.
  • Free and unlimited photo uploads.

Cooliris is a company which is passionate about photos - and a startup. It is based in San Francisco, USA.

Its office has a big drum set in the middle of the room, a PlayStation, giant bean bags… and hired interns from all places around the world such as Austria, Germany, Singapore, Taiwan, and Ukraine.

The team at Cooliris consists of engineers, business people, and designers - all with self-starters with an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for technology - that is because it is startup.

With Cooliris, they wanted to make sure you could not only view all your favorite photos in a beautiful way, but also share them with the people who matter most. Send photos of your kids to their grandparents, start a group conversation around awesome street art you spot, or create a conversation around last night’s party, including your own and those from Facebook. There are endless possibilities for sharing.

One awesome thing about Cooliris is that you can create a conversation with anyone. Even if your friends don’t have Cooliris, they will still be able to experience conversations through the web and will receive an email complete with photos and text when they are invited to a conversation.

The Cooliris app is a social media app for photo sharing and photo passion - lifestyle app.

What’re you waiting for? Go download Cooliris in the App Store and start a conversation now!