Learning Kung Fu With I-Pin Chua (Oracle Systems)

Master --> I-Pin Chua (Senior Director, Systems Line of Business, Malaysia & Thailand, Oracle CAPAC services)
Student --> Brandon Teoh

Master: Oracle has two types of engineered systems. 1.) Exadata and Exalogic, 2.) SPARK Supercluster.

Student: Sifu...what is engineered system ?

Master: Engineered system means it is more than just a server, you can compare it to an appliance but also not quite. An engineered system means the hardware and software are pre-installed and pre-tuned to the best performance. Engineered system lives up the spirit of the Red Stack.

Student: Great. What is the red stack ?

I-Pin Chua - 
(Senior Director, Systems Line of Business, 
Malaysia & Thailand

Master: Red = Oracle's official color, Stack is referring to the software and hardware technology which Oracle has developed and acquired and they all work perfectly with each other under the same context. The Red Stack means everything combines together in a box and it works just like a black box.

Student: So, an engineered system is a server with the Red Stack ?

Master: Yup!

Master: Exadata and Exalogic is Linux and Intel technology while SPARK Supercluster consists of Solaris and SPARK technology.

Student: Master, how much does the lowest spec engineered system cost ??

Master: Around US $ 500,000.

Student: In Malaysia who can afford that ?

Master: Oracle only sells to the top 100 (range) customers in Malaysia. It targets those in telecommunication, FSI and even GLCs.

Master: These customers will need the system when they are thinking about having three things.

1.) Cloud implementation.

2.) Customized engineered system.

3.) To reduce existing siloed infrastructure.

All these 3 requirements will eventually help them to achieve longer term costs saving, improved performance of up to 5 or 10 times.

In other words, customers get to achieve 1.) simplicity, 2.) reduced risk, 3.) performance 4.) costs saving

The market is big. "Most enterprises not yet adopted cloud. And their data centres are messy ones." said I-Pin Chua.

Student: [speechless]

Master: More than 1,000 Oracle® Exadata Database Machines are installed at customer sites globally.

Student: ok. Noted.

Master: Oracle has always been focusing on engineering of the best technology and products. It currently rely on system integrators for implementation services.

Student: Ya. Ya.

Master: Class dismiss.


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