SEEBURGER: Embrace MFT Technology, Prevent Data Breaches

SEEBURGER, the leading German-based business integration and enterprise class Managed File Transfer (MFT) solutions provider, urges Malaysian businesses to embrace MFT technologies more pervasively throughout their organization, in order to increase the overall level security in the important process of file sharing.

SEEBURGER’s APAC, Managing Director, James Hatcher, highlights that data breaches due to the file sharing process - whether by email, File Transfer Protocol (FTP), hosted file sharing services or other methods, can be almost be 100% prevented leveraging managed file transfer (MFT) technology.

MFT can be used as enterprise-level file sharing solution to achieve compliance, overcome email size limitations and BYOD management.

Each file transfer made through MFT is checked against pre-defined policies. They are also encrypted, authenticated, monitored to ensure delivery, and logged in a central location for easy tracking and auditing.

MFT can be used to protect sensitive and/or large files ranging from payroll, customer lists, price lists, HR data, and financial and tax information to business plans, contracts and RFPs, CAD/engineering drawings and large multimedia files such as marketing videos. It can be deployed on premise or in the cloud.

It targets manufacturing, telecommunications, healthcare, retail, commercial, financial services, and public sector.

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